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Where can i get cheap electronic relays?

Ive been looking at schematics for a 4 bit adder that only uses relays. although relays can be bought for just under a dollar i was wondering if there was a site or store that sold them in bunches of like 10 or 20 for really cheap, some electronics i could get a bunch out or even a place that would have some that i could have for free. like would there be things at a dump that would contain lots of them. i dont mind if theyre used aslong as they work. and if theyre clear thats just a bonus.


lee26loo yah i know but an ic doesnt help when u want to know how something works are u really that retarded that u couldnt figure that out

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    For bulk relays, DigiKey.com is prolly your best bet. They might have some older ones in stock that sell for cheap.

    As far as abundant free relays, the first thing that comes to mind is the relay block from an old car. They're usually quite bulky, but if you're just looking to play around with some concepts, they might work pretty good. Just might have to google their part numbers to make sure you can drive them with just an IC.

    The chances of finding them in consumer electronics is pretty slim.

    But like I said, Digi-Key is where I always go for parts. You can get a handful of them for a couple bucks each. Problem is, relays are not cheap, no matter where you get them from, even in bulk. Thats part of the reason they were phased out.

    If I may make a suggestion, opto-isolators can be potential substitutes for relays. They work of the same principles of isolation (charge an input, output begins conducting). Except relays use magnetism and physical contact, where the opto-isolators use LED and transistor technology.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Source(s): Studying for my EE Masters degree. And I work(ed) for Tyco Electronics, a major automotive and general purpose relay manufacturer
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    Use relay to make adder was the most outdated technology existed back to 1945.

    Same adder can be made with a piece of IC that costs no more than $2 and the speed is 10 thousands time faster than relay.

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