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Help pls wat does mean:qing ai de,ngor hou gua qu lei,kei si ho yi deng dou koh yat le, siong joi wong min po?


I really need help...

Is cantonese!!!

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    Ah... I'm sorry but the romanization is terrible, and it seems to be a mix of Mandarin and Cantonese. I can't make out most of it this way.

    "Qing ai de" is in Mandarin which is the equivalent of the English "dear" or more literally "my dear beloved".

    "Ngor hou gua qu lei" means "I miss you very much" but very badly spelled.

    "Kei si ho yi deng dou koh yat le" also quite terrible, but I think it says "For how long must we wait for the day to come (when)..."

    Unfortunately I cannot understand the next phrase "siong joi wong min po". It just doesn't make sense.

    Whew, sorry... reading that was like reading an english sentence but only with mathematical signs and symbols instead of alphabets... mixed with non-English words.

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