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i need a persian translation?

Che Gharibane Minamayad Navaye In Dooriye Bozorg In Hame Fasele Miane Mano To.Ba Kodam Ghadamha Peymode Mishavad?

please and thank you :)

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    "How strange it sounds, the tone of this great distance [between us]. You and me are so far away from each other. With [the help of] God, the steps will be taken."

    There are some mistakes in your text. This is the correct form of it:

    "Che gharibāneh minamāyad, navāye een dooriye bozorg. Een hameh fāseleh miyāne mano to. Bā khodā ghadamhā peymoodeh meeshavand." (Note: "ā" is pronounced like "a" in "car")

    The Farsi script form of it is:

    "چه غریبانه می‌نماید نوای این دوری بزرگ. این همه فاصله میان من و تو. با خدا قدم‌ها پیموده می‌شوند"

    You're welcome.

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