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So my boyfriend .. wrote on twitter (not to me just tweeting) and said yeah i think were gonna break up but i don't wanna hurt her and i replied with if you want to we can and he acted like he didn't know what i was talking about he made me mad because he wrote it on twitter instead of talking to me and second of all he lied to me he said his phone was broke or something like that but he was tweeting from mobile when i asked when are you going to call he said i don't have a phone and i cant use my moms --__-- ..should i give up or try and work things out ? i really Love him i do ... and please no negative answers . thankyou

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    A guy who loves you would not do that to you! He may not have the mental capacity to deal with breaking up, so he is trying to skirt around the issue. How can he twitter from mobile and not have a phone????? Does he think you are stupid? Be strong, tell him that you do not want to be with him if he doesn't want to be with you (believe me-you don't), and tell him to be honest with you. Tell him you will be ok (and try not to do any crying in front of him), then if he meant it, he can go ahead and do what he wanted to do, so as not to keep you hanging on. OR, you can chose to cut off communication and see if he contacts you-if you want???

    Good luck.

    My daughter had a boyfriend in the past that promised her the world, after inviting her to the ball, he said he couldn't go because he was grounded, he had every excuse in the world and even put off breaking up with her. She had to ask him if he wanted to break up-what a loser. And so when a friend told her to go along as a friend to the ball-as we had already spent a boatload of money-HE WAS THERE! Good news-she found her soul mate shortly after and is very happy!

  • if i were you i would just wait to see what happens, consider yourselves not together unless he finds a phone to use to talk to you about the situtation, or you could just go settle it face to face and find out what exactly he wants to do. sorry, hope things go well.

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    Aww girl I'm sorry. He's being a jerk! Try talking to him to see why he's acting that way. If he keeps being this way, it's his loss for sure.

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