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Bone hardening: Just a myth or a true story?

Some of my friends says its true, the other half says its just because the nerves go dead after too many hits and then you can't feel your hand, making you think that your hands have gone harder. Some even reckon that the flesh around your hand becoes muscles and help you deflect the strike.

Which version is correct?

Thanks in advance!

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    Bone hardening does not deaden your nerves.

    If that is happening, it is being done wrong.

    Makiwara training, Tanden Uke Barai - Arm Knocking/Training, Iron Palm - these are all forms of bone hardening.

    Too many kids here talk like they know all about a subject just like your friends. It gives other kids wrong impressions about these specialty training methods and kids like "maxi", who is now worried because his hands are showing blood vessel damage after he was told by myself and others not to engage in this without expert guidance.

    The trauma that you create when you train this way is then healed with specific herbs and qigong. This speeds up recovery and allows you to continue.

    Tissue that is not muscle, cannot become muscle. This is a biological impossibility. The bone becomes more dense as the training is continued. The density allows for the absorption of trauma and this is the reason you can strike at objects harder and longer than someone without the training.

    Many people who have trained in Iron Palm correctly do not even appear to have pounded their hands.

    It develops what the Chinese refer to as "steel wrapped in cotton".

    Your friends do not know what they are talking about.

    As much as I know about this, I would still seek expert guidance before commencing. Although I believe I can do it on my own, there is always some minute detail I may have missed.

    So none of their versions are correct.

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    Bone hardening is true. The bones are made up many different layers and tissue structures. The one dealing with increasing bone density and thus hardness is called Trabeculae. These little structures look like teeny tiny ladders and are what forms the bones 'exterior' structure.

    When conditioning the bones the trabeculae actually fracture 'microscopic' breaks. When they heal, there are more sections that are joined together and the ladders become a little more compact. That is why people who train hard at breaking boards and things are able to do so with little injury to their bodies. (Although, the majority of people actually train incorrectly and damage their bodies quite often.)

    The same thing happens with bodybuilders and other athletes. The compression pressure that the muscles exert on the bones when training also increases the bone density.

    Source(s): SCIENCE!! bwahahaha
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    It's true that the bones thicken but it takes years of work and it's best to start really young. Just to put this in perspective though, if you make your knuckles bigger, do you think it's really gonna help you or hurt you more? The only time this is to your advantage is maybe in a life or death street fight. In the ring the 4 oz. gloves mean you can knock out almost anyone against you with little hand injury. You wont be needing to spend years growing thicker bones for that off chance of the one life or death street fight in the USA. You might have to pay the price of stuff like arthritis or worse late too.

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    It is completely true, at least from my knowledge.

    Well, both versions are correct, the nerves to deaden, but the bones also harden, particularily if the bones break.

    Muay Thai kickboxers are a good example, they break their shins constantly, when the bones grow back, they grow back stronger.

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    Yes your bones do harden, if you do it properly. Wolffs Law is a law of science that basically explains what you want to know. Your nerves do deaden a bit and your bones harden but you must do it properly.

    Here is a link to Wolff's Law's_law

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    its true Me a MMA fighter im training in muy thai and yes it does make the nerves go dead and helps you no fee the pain

    Source(s): Trainig in MMA,Muy Thai,Kickboxingand a Black Belt in Judo
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    Its very true...........every time u hit ur bone it shatters and then the body makes it heal stronger so it wont break again.....

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    It is in fact true.

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