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Do you have to wear the Jilbab?

What do you wear if you don't?

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    A quick look at any muslim country will tell you that everyone wears different clothing, they are all different and beautiful. I have abayas. jilbabs, shalwar kameez, caftans, long skirts with flowing tops, dresses, to loose pants and shirts. I wear whatever i want depending on where im going and what im doing. If im going to the park with my daughter then i pick pants so i can go on the seesaw and swing, If im going shopping a nice skirt and top, if its a party a pretty abaya, to the mosque a nice jilbab. Its all about being practical and modest. Its not as hard as some people would have you think. You look in a mirror and you know if something is too tight or not proper. Alhumdullah Islam is Easy and we get so much reward for just following these simple commands of Allah!

  • I did a research about this matter in my country, Indonesia. There are lots of psychological reasons to be considered.

  • bLankH
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    no you can wear loose dresses if you like, anything loose and covering

    maxi dresses are loose and trendy

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    no, i wear hijab with a long sleeve shirt with a skirt and jeans

    or... a long top (up to my knees) with jeans:)

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    9 years ago

    cowboy hat works the same way...

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