Can anyone help? My c4 corvette is running very rough.?

Can anyone help? My c4 corvette is running very rough.?

About a month ago, I purchased a 1986 C4 corvette w/ 81.5k miles. Up until today, it ran beautifully. However, this morning it started running really rough/badly. The engine doesn't want to rev at all, even with the pedal to the floor. Its bad enough that car has trouble going above 35 or so. When it starts up , there is what sounds to be a small amount of knock and 1-2 pings from the exhaust. Oil pressure/temp and coolant temp are fine, and the transmission is fine as well.

My (albeit brief and rather uneducated) guess is that a fuel injector is bad/leaking/clogged, but I'm not entirely sure. Does anyone know what a good place to start looking is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    There are 3 things your engine needs to run, spark, fuel, air. You are not getting at least one of these in the correct amount for some reason.

    Start with spark plugs and wires and ignition. Make sure all your ignition parts are in perfect working order. Then check fuel pressure, system, etc.

  • I would start with the fuel pump check the pres. at the check valve under the pass side of the intake it looks like a tire valve with a cap on it ! you will need a fuel pressure gage to do so. check the codes on to see if there any codes you can do this with a peace of wire jumped under the driverside of the dash in the chevrolet pin out in the a and b slot!

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