Hunting rifle for under $400 dollars.?

what would be a good deer hunting rifle and home defense rifle for under 400 bucks? i would prefer a wooden stock, but i'll take any suggestions. thank you!!

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    9 years ago
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    Mosin Nagant. buy two: one 91/30 for hunting, one M44 for HD use. They're so cheap with $400 you can buy 2 guns and a case of ammo. But cheap doesn't mean crap. Mosins are accurate, rugged, reliable rifles. the 91/30 is like $60, powerful enough to take most kinds of game, accurate enough for target shooting up to 800 meters. The M44 is around $100, its just a shorter M91/30. instead of a 4.5 foot long gun, its a 3.5 foot. has a folding bayonet to keep that intruder at least 4 feet away from you, same caliber of the 91/30. The caliber is 7.62x54r, basically a 120 year old version of the modern .308 Winchester. Its about $70 per case of 440 rounds.

    or if your state allows semiautomatic rifles for hunting, an SKS. its another soviet rifle, in 7.62x39mm, same caliber of the AK47, but none of the AK47's "assault rifle" looks. Some do have a folding bayonet, might keep that home intruder at least 4 feet away while you call the cops. 7.62x39mm is a just a bit under .30-30 Winchester in power, enough for deer. the SKS is a semiautomatic rifle with a fixed 10 rd magazine. Ammo is inexpensive, its pretty simple and easy to clean, accurate to about 300 meters, and doesn't recoil much. about $250 to $350.

    Source(s): i have my mosin nagant m91.30 has #3 home defense rifle. 3rd gun behind the AK47, and 20 gauge shotgun. Its abit long, but when I need my mosin, how long the gun is shouldn't be an issue, because when I need it I'll be in a shoot out in or around my house and I need to shoot thru a cinderblock wall or a couple cars.
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      This is no longer the case. Mosins are now priced higher than many of the entry level hunting rifles. Those rifles often come with scopes as well.

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    You'd have to get a Field combo shotgun. Comes with a defense and hunting barrel. Could use rifled slugs in the longer barrel. Then switch ot the barrel at home to the shorter one. Mossberg sells field combo's for around $300 give or take based on geography.

    Really to do both you would have to go for a shotgun. Using a deer rifle as home defense is not going to work out well. And very few rifle brands sell hunting rifles in the $300 range. Companies like savage and stevens come to mind. They made good quality budget rifles. Still upper $300's and taxes may push you over $400.

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    buy an SKS. It has the same ballistics as a 30 30 and you can get 10, 20, 30, and even 40 round magazines for ceartain models. You can also buy a Mosin Nagant bolt action which has an internal magazine. I would not recoment it so much for home defense though. As far as home defense goes I would say a pump shotgun is the best. It is easy to hit with at close range and you can do a large amount of damage at short distances with bird shot without shooting your neighbors in the next house over. Also you can get rifled slug barrels for them and even muzzle loader kits. That would work for deer hunting. You can buy a mossberg 500 for just over $ 200 that will work fine.

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    A deer rifle and a home defense rifle are two very different things. Anything strong enough to kill a deer will put your neighbors in danger if you shoot it indoors, and you will be charged for any collateral damage.

    Only way to have a gun do both is buy a shotgun. Slugs for hunting and buckshot for buglers. I've killed several deer this way. As long as you're under 70 or so yards you're fine.

    Mossberg 500 or a Remington 870 can both be found for much less than $400

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    4 years ago

    Start hitting the pawn shops and looking at used rifles. Most people don't shoot enough to get one broken in during a dozen lifetimes. Keep your eyes open for a Savage model 110 in .270 winchester or .30/06. Best two All Around calibers on the planet. Lean toward the .270 heavily and you will not be sorry.

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    I just posed this same question with 300 dollars a couple of weeks ago.

    I ended up getting a ww2 m-1903 A-3 that was sporterized and in fair condition. It already had a scope on it too. I took it to the range and was able to get about a 5" grouping at 100 yards. it shoots 30-06. pretty powerful I think.

    my cost was 175$ plus tax, ammo is 19$ for 20 rounds

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    9 years ago

    Mosin Nagant with a Plastic stock from ATI. Around $200 and if you want a scope instead of iron sights add another $50-100. You could drop a deer with that no problem. I do every year.

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    Old Lee Enfield rifles from British military service make dandy hunting rifles and will work for home defense (maybe a little much for HD but the price is right). They use a .303 caliber cartridge that is available everywhere.

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    9 years ago

    lol '400 BUCKS'. That's perfect

  • 9 years ago

    I promise you will not go wrong.

    XS-7 (short action) or XL-7 (long action)

    $300 bucks and performs like it cost double at least.

    Source(s): personal experience
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