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I am thinking of writing a story and need help with...?

I am writing a story, but I just can't think of names for my characters. I will tell you their age, and what I think I am going to name them. Then I will have all of the things I want for that characters name ( Suggestions, middle names, nick names) And you will answer Please! Thanks!

1-There is going to be a 15-16 year old girl. I haven't really decided much yet. The names I have in mind for her are Natalie and Kaitlyn, (Katie for short) Which name do you like better, suggestions and ideas for nick names and middle names.

2- Twin girls who are 8 years old. I am thinking Megan (Ann) and Brooke, again not sure. Also, I am stuck between Megan and Brooke, or Megan and Brooklyn. I think if I choose Brooklyn that gives more nickname options (Brooke, Lynn, etc.) but I like the sound of Megan and Brooke Better. Again, suggestions, nick names, middle names!

3- Mother age of 35. I am clueless on this one. I am thinking maybe Michelle, but I really don't know. I am just looking for suggestions on this one.

4- Father age of 36. Again, I don't know...but I am leaning towards James. Suggestions?!?!

5- Baby Boy, unborn. Due in 7 months. I think Alexander. I don't really like that though. Suggestions, middle names and nicknames!

6- 16 year old daughters boyfriend. Suggestions!

That is all I need! Thanks for your help!


As a couple of you asked, I am going to share my final names! :)

15/16 year old- Natalie Denise Jones (Lee)

Natalie's boyfriend- Gabriel (Gabe)

Twins- Megan Grace Jones and Brooke Marie Jones (No nicknames)

Mom- Olivia Michelle Jones (No nickname)

Dad- Kevin Daniel Jones

Unborn Baby Boy- Ryan Alexander Jones

Neighbor 1- Gabby Hanks (8 years old)

Neighbor 2- Jessica Valley (8 Years old)

Kevin and Olivia get divorced after Olivia has Ryan. Kevin gets married to another lady named Holly.

Holly and Kevin have one child together, boy. His name is - Nathan Cody Jones.

I just came up with the nighbors, Holly, and Nathan

Thanks for the help! :)

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    Girl - I like the name Natalie best. Nicknames could be Nat or Lee. How about Natalie Paige, Natalie McKenna, Natalie Louise, Natalie Jean or Natalie Michelle?

    Twin girls - I like Megan and Brooke best. Nicknames for Brooke could be Brookie or Brooks. Middle names for Megan could be Megan Grace, Megan Olivia, Megan Leona, Megan Leanne or Megan Alana. Middle names for Brooke could be Brooke Elizabeth, Brooke Madison, Brooke Fiona, Brooke Rosalie or Brooke Skye.

    Mother - I think Michelle is good. How about Diana, Sally, Rebecca, Paula or Janine?

    Father - James is okay. You could try Alex, Gary, Benny, Liam or Nathan.

    Baby boy - I don't like Alexander much either. I like Joshua, Owen, Harry, Tony or Sam.

    Girl's boyfriend - Paul, Simon, Lewis, Darren or John.

    Like Jelly said, could you tell us your final choices? :)

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    1. I like Natalie more, Nat or Tallie for short. Middle names for Natalie: Natalie Rosa, Natalie Kaitlyn.

    Suggestions: Paige, Ellen [nickname Ellie], Sophie.

    2. I like Brooke better on it's own, and you could always call her B for short. I don't think Megan works well with it though. How about:

    Brooke Leah and Margaret Anne [Maggie for short]

    Brooke Celeste and Shelby Renee

    Brooke Angelina and Gabriella [Gaby, Gabs, Ella]

    3. Rebecca, Christina, Kelly, Laura, Danielle, and Katherine were all popular around the time she would've been born.

    4. James works. Or, Sean, Adam, Benjamin, Ryan, or Kevin are all from around that year.

    5. Alexander is cute. Maybe Christopher, Gabriel, or Caleb.

    6. Nicolas [Nic, Nico], Nathan [Nate] [wouldn't work if her name's Natalie], Jesse, Trevor, Gregory.

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    1-I like Katie.

    2. Ann should not be a nickname for Megan. It should be Meg and Brooke.

    3. Michelle is a good name, maybe Shelby or Tina.

    4. Jon or James

    5. Michael, Andrew, Christopher

    6, Matt or Nick (Nicky)

  • 1- I like Natalie better. Nat or Tallie (Tay-lee) as a nickname. But if you name her Kaitlyn, K.K., Kay, or Lynn could be nicknames.

    Middle names:

    Natalie Jayme

    Natalie Mikayla

    Natalie Isabel

    Kaitlyn Allison

    Kaitlyn Taylor

    Kaitlyn Elliette

    2-I like Camyl and Camryn or if you don't like you different spellings then Chayse and Cameron(Cam). or Cassidy and Cameron (Cas and Cam)

    Cassidy Jayde

    Cameron Kayleigh

    Chayse Railynn

    3- Michelle is good. or Katharine or Jennifer or Mary.

    4-Michael, Bradley, Zachary(Zack), John, James, Jay, Jason, David.

    5-Jacob, Ethan, Zane, Noah, Jayden, Aiden, Elijah, Brandon, Mason, Landon, Julian, Kyle

    6- Michael, Nate, Nick, Brandon, Jake, Chris, Brennen

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    1.Natalie totally beats Kaitlyn/ Katie.. but i think Natalia would be even cuter!

    Natalia Elise "Nat" or "Natty" could be her nn

    2. both names are SO BLAH i don't like them. Brooke is the better of the two though. i think cute twin girls names= Madeline Lily "Maddy" and Annette Janelle "Annie"

    3. Denise, Jane, Oliva

    4. Jameson, Alex/Alexander, David, Peter, Ryan

    5. Jacob Alexander, Oliver Parker, Gabriel James

    6. Mason, Reed, Addison, Lucas

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    1. Katyln, here close friends could call her Kit-Kat depending on the type of story.

    2. Megan and Brooke sounds really cute. :)

    3. Alice

    4. Wes (Wesley)

    5. I like Alexander, maybe Benjamin, (Benny boy ;)) or Cecil

    6. Andrew, Andy

    Hope this helps! :)

    Could you tell us all your final choices, just for my own curiosity?

  • 1. natalia. i dont like katie... choose like Amber.

    2. megan and brooke. brooklyn should not be calling themselfs lynn.

    3. michelle. yes.

    4. jonathen--however its spelled, johnathin, johnathyn sounds better than james.

    5. yes alexander, nicknames: alex, al...

    6. chris.

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    bonnie and Clyde and rose

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