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What is YOUR favorites list looking like at the moment? (I've included mine as well.)?

As many of you may know, I periodically ask this question. I just love seeing everyone's current favorites! :)

Here are mine:

Boys ~

1. Donovan George “Donnie”

2. Jason Conrad

3. Gavin Ezra “Gav”

4. Bennett Leon “Ben”

5. Nathaniel Irvan “Nate”

6. Vincent Anthony “Vince”

7. Edwin Davis

8. Dean Arthur

9. Jonah Wilson

10. Chandler Noah

11. Elliot Raymond

Girls ~

1. Laura Noelle

2. Leona May

3. Antonia Katherine “Annie”

4. Nora Laverne

5. Claire Henrietta

6. Elena Vivienne “Elle”

7. Shannon Rose

8. Hannah Eloise

9. Georgia Naomi

10. Seraphina Ruth “Nina”

11. Leah Joelle

Nicknames, which are in quotes, would only be used sometimes, seeing as I love the full names as well.

So, what's YOUR list looking like at the moment? List as many or as few as you like; whatever your favorites list consists of.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    My list is in a different format than yours, it is more like a work-in-progress list than anything. I just have so much trouble coming up with a top 10 list.

    {girls: top 4, but not carved in stone}

    -- Eliza Vivienne - I like Vivienne, but I'm beginning to feel like I could do better for Eliza. I think Eliza is the hardest names to match up because it is my favorite name, there is just so much pressure to make it perfect.

    -- Gwendolen Carys - Love, love, love the nn Gwen, but I've had sooo many problems with this name. The main problem is how different it is from all of my other favorite names ending-wise. It just stands out. I still love it, though. I just feel tempted to go with Gwenora because of the ending and because I do like Nora as a nickname, too. *sigh*

    -- Cassia Rhiannon - This one has been a combo for a looonnnggg time. I think it is staying. ;)

    -- Veronica Lenore - Veronica is an old favorite, Lenore is a new favorite. I like the down-to-earth old feel of Lenore next to Veronica's hard, uppercrust, and no nonsense exterior. Plus, Lenore's meaning is related to the meaning of my brother's first name. I think that is fantastic. :)

    - Names I love, but still have problems with: Cordelia Jane, Fiona Mireille, Jocelyn Caoimhe, Mischa Juliet, Daphne Adelaide, Delilah Circe, Elaine Margaret, Selena Margaux.

    - Middle names seeking a first name: Allegra, Valerie, Vivica, Freya, Delphine, Celeste, Seraphine, Rosalind/Rosalie/Rosetta.

    - First names seeking a middle name: Acadia or Acacia, Catriona or Caterina, Allegra, Tess or Tessa, Vanessa, Sabrina.

    {boys: top 4 carved in stone}

    -- Dexter Benjamin - I've always loved Dexter, not entirely sure why. It is so different from my other favorite names, but unlike Gwendolen I'd never ever be willing to drop Dexter. I like how solid and traditional Benjamin feels next to Dexter, and I like how they sound together.

    -- William Alec - Alec was one of the first names on my list. Oddly enough, I'm not a fan of Alexander but I like Alec and Xander separately. I'm just weird that way. William is an old classic, and one of the few names that actually flows well with Alec as a middle. I love Will as a nickname. :)

    -- Joshua Malcolm - Malcolm is new to my list, but once I put it with Joshua there was no going back. I'm a bit on the fence, though about these three: Joshua Malcolm (love the nn Josh), Malcolm Joshua (I prefer Malcolm as a first name but I'm not sure if I like the nickname) or Malcolm Zachary (ditto, though I think this flows better than the second one.)

    -- Zachary Dillon - Like I said before, Zachary is an old favorite. I just love it. Zachary Dylan was on my list forever, but I feel like the two 'y's might be too much so I changed it to the Welsh name Dillon.

    - Names I love, but still have problems with: Dominic Sean, Matthew Rhys, Anthony Jensen, Nathaniel Dean, Marcus Gabriel.

    - Middle names seeking a first name: Miles, Theo, Chandler, Simon, Jesse, Allen, Luca, Adam, Ezra, Jack.

    - First names seeking a middle name: Xander, Raphael, Jason, Samuel, Elliot.

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  • Eva
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    1. William Heath

    2. Jackson West

    3. Nathaniel Jude

    4. Benjamin Wyatt

    5. Charles Bennett

    6. James Sawyer

    7. Oliver Graham

    8. Callum Alexander

    9. Henry Sebastian

    10. Noah Emmett

    11. Jasper Elliot

    12. Asher Riley

    1. Sophia Corinne

    2. Grace Elisabeth

    3. Amelia Juliet

    4. Elisabeth Kate

    5. Charlotte Ruby

    6. Isobel Camilla

    7. Lila Katherine

    8. Emme Violet

    9. Lucy Caroline

    10. Madeleine Halle

    11. Abigail Leona

    12. Ruby Camilla

    I love your name lists!

    - Favorite Boys: Bennett Leon, Dean Arthur, Jonah Wilson, Chandler Noah

    - Favorite Girls: Leona May, Elena Vivienne, Hannah Eloise


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  • 10 years ago


    Colin Victor

    Sean Henry

    Luke Matthew

    Seth Lucas

    Ronan Patrick

    Pierce Vincent

    Alec William

    James Donovan

    Quinn Samuel

    Oliver Charles

    Neil Jonathan

    Grant Victor

    Graham Nicolas

    Nathaniel Rhys

    Benjamin Jacob

    Leo Benjamin


    Bryn Charlotte

    Lila Katherine

    Holly Jane

    Katherine Lily

    Eliza Noelle

    Viola Katherine

    Grace Madeleine

    Matilda Grace

    Anya Claire

    Ruby Faith

    Serena Ivy

    Miranda Violet

    Caroline Elisabeth

    Abigail Jane

    Emmeline Victoria

    Callista Rose "Callie"

    Source(s): Mom to Noelle, Masen, Charlotte, Alexandre, & Sebastien!
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  • Mary
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    Boys 1- Chace Daniel 2- Noah James 3- Oliver Jackson 4- Bentley Elias 5- Logan Emery 6- Emerson James 7- Ashton Alexander 8- Alexander Rylan 9- Janson Asher 10- James Emery Girls 1- Tahlia Lilly 2- Charlote Grace 3- Sienna Ivy 4- Harper Elodie 5- Brady Rose 6- Calista Annabelle 7- Lyric Annabel 8- Allegra Hope 9- Indiana Rose 10- Viola Naomi

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  • 10 years ago

    I'm a two middles girl :) And you'll also probably be able to tell that I'm a bit of a nickname enthusiast!

    1. Serena Ivy Belle -- {Raina}

    2. Delilah Ruby Alice -- {Lilah}

    3. Carolina Holly Blair -- {Callie}

    4. Matilda Poppy Hazel -- {Millie}

    5. Elena Isobel Rose -- {Laney}

    6. Violet Catherine Grace

    7. Octavia June Elisabeth -- {Ava}

    8. Rosalind Anna Claire -- {Rose}

    1. Nathaniel Eric Charles -- {Nate}

    2. Sebastian Emmett Jack -- {Seth}

    3. Gabriel Adam Jacob -- {Gabe}

    4. Xavier Isaac Grey

    5. Julian Rush Evander

    6. Joseph Bennet Thomas

    7. Elliot Christopher James -- {Eli}

    8. Alexis Matthew Morgan -- {Lex}

    9. Theodore Ellis Henry -- {Theo}

    As for yours, I love Jonah Wilson and Elena Vivienne. I also adore Bennett, Nathaniel, Noah, Elliot, May, Katherine, Nora, Claire, Rose, Eloise, Georgia and Seraphina :)

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  • 10 years ago

    Boys -

    1. Lucas Andrew "Luke"

    2. Zachary Thomas "Zac"

    3. Benjamin Paul "Ben"

    4. Nathaniel Joseph "Nate"

    5. James Alexander

    6. Christopher Eli "Chris"

    7. Noah Matthew

    8. Isaiah Jacob

    9. Joshua Moses "Josh"

    10. Thomas Levi "Tom"

    Girls -

    1. Isobel Mary "Izzy"

    2. Susannah Daphne "Susie/Sannah"

    3. Juliet Rosaline "Lettie"

    4. Rebekah Eve "Beka"

    5. Alice Iona [eye oh nuh]

    6. Caroline Paula "Callie"

    7. Delilah Eden "Lily"

    8. Rose Andrina

    9. Madeleine Ivy

    10. Jane Arabella

    From your list I love the names:

    - Nathaniel Irvan

    - Chandler Noah

    - Leona May

    - Elena Vivienne

    - Seraphina Rose

    - Antonia Katherine



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  • 10 years ago

    I haven't decided on middle names yet. I'm only 14 years old.

    Aloso, these are not in a certain order.


    1.Chase - After someone who passed a year ago.


    3. Colton

    4. Logan

    5. Lucas

    6. Connor

    7. Liam

    8. Landon

    9. Elijah

    10. Anthony


    1. Gianna

    2. Leah

    3. Alexis/Alexa/Alexandra/Alexandria

    4. Alyssa

    5. Olivia

    6. Claire

    7. Reese

    8. Natalie

    9. Sophia/Sophie

    10. Paige

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  • ksw
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    My favorites right now are:


    1. Kevin Scott

    2. Jason Ryan

    3. Jace Tyler

    4. Michael James

    5. Joseph Michael

    6. Adam Nicholas

    7. Justin Thomas


    1. Nicole Marie

    2. Kati Jane

    3. Jessica Michelle

    4. Sarah Kathryn

    5. Justine Elizabeth

    3. Rachel Ann

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  • OMG...My name is Henrietta -.- I can't believe you like the name Henrietta :) A lot of people don't like it. I hate my name :(


    Lily Rose

    Daisy Marie

    Cindy Katherine 'Kate'

    Jessica Claire

    Abigail Louise

    Isabella Faith

    Scarlett Rose <--- I have to think of a new middle name for Scarlett, but I love Scarlett Rose


    Charlie James

    Riley Andrew

    Jacob Ryan

    Jasper William

    Christopher Aidan

    Benjamin Justin

    From your lists I love:

    Jason Conrad <--- Jason Conrad is really nice

    Jonah Wilson <--- Jonah Wilson flows nicely together

    Elliot Raymond <--- Elliot Raymond is gorgeous

    Laura Noelle <--- Beautiful combination

    Antonia Katherine <--- I love the names Antonia and Katherine

    Claire Henrietta <--- My cousin in France is called Claire and I love the name, it's one of my favourite names and Henrietta is my name too, lol.

    Shannon Rose <--- Stunning combination :) in my school Shannon is popular and Shannon Rose is amazing.

    Leah Joelle <--- Great combination, super classy and elegant

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  • 10 years ago

    Aidan Michael

    Chance Edward

    Noah Brandon

    Evan Jacob

    Gavin Rhys

    Mariah Sophia

    Cadence Brooklyn

    Mia Riley

    Kaitlyn Alexis

    Lyric Michaela

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  • 10 years ago

    Elizabeth Rose

    Arabella Grace

    Gwendolyn Hope

    Cecily Rose

    Isobel Faith

    James Adrian

    Cole Julian

    Jonathan William

    William James

    Richard Henry

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