Misr: Animals in your last name?

Does your last name mean any animal?

Medic and Wolf are wolves. Mines is "Lion". No my last name is not Asad. Arabs had many names for lion since they saw him as a glorified animal.

So anyone else?

If your last name isn't an animal...then any people with first names that mean animals?
Update: @ESD: No, none of those 3. Hint: My ancestors ruled an Islamic Caliphate.
Update 2: @Esd: Close, but no cigar :P
Update 3: It's not a caliph name...it's a family (last name). It's the last name of the Prophet's (SAW) uncle.
Update 4: I said last name. So no.
Update 5: Hamza was the first name of the Prophet's (SAW) uncle.
Update 6: @ESD: No, you are wrong.
Update 7: @maryam: No it's not hesham or anything close to that
Update 8: @Mariam:it's close to that
Update 9: @Mariam:it's close to that
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