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Misr: Someone tell me about the Egyptian in Kuwait?

Today in the news I heard of the headline of an Egyptian man being killed by a Kuwaiti.

Someone tell me more about this news please.


@ESD: If this is true, then Ill agree with such people. I am personally sick of Egyptians being stepped on in "fellow" Arab countries such as Algeria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar. And at the end we say "Oh it's ok, we are your big brothers". <---I hate this Bull sh!t to be honest. What happened to something called "karama"?

Update 2:

@ESD: If one of their country men got killed in Egypt they would have taken some serious action. We are the ones that are cheapening the value of an Egyptian life.

Now to your point, in all the countries that are listed, HATE crimes were done against Egyptians. Of course you are going to say, don't generalize, but these small acts show you how people think of you in that country.

And everyone already knows that Arabs have deep hiqd for Egypt.

Update 3:

@ESD: And either way. If wer go buy you then its an eye for an eye. So the murderer should get hanged.

Update 4:

@Esd: WHat are you talking about bro??

I never spoke about "El 3oroba" or "Arabism" I spoke about ARABS, the current ARAB people. It's much more easier to say that then to list all the Arabic countries.

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    10 years ago
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    Ya me too. I consider myself an arab but first an Egyptian of course. I don't like hearing about people in retarded countries mostly the gulf step on my Egyptian brothers and sisters. I didn't hear about the news or anything, but I do know that Egyptians do get treated poorly. I think of Egyptians as very classy and friendly people. If you compare me and my family to other retarded people from the gulf. We're probably more mannered an everything. I hate them more than "Israelis."

    Sorry im rambling. Im just so angry.

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  • 3 years ago

    Its no longer reasonable to generalise however I have met plenty of Kuwaitis households they usually appear thoroughly distinct to different Arab international locations. I bought the impact that the guys didn't like their ladies to take an excessive amount of of a lead and I determined they weren't very multi cultural and weren't very pleasant with foreigners and slightly bit appeared they're a first rate race and rich and a moderate intimadating process. However I met a household lately they usually had been thoroughly distinct to this description.

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  • Well, I hope some chauvinistic jingoists don't use this as an excuse to insult the culture and history and ppl of a fellow Arab country.

    Source(s): thats pretty clever huh, chauvinistic jingoists :D lmao @ hambolla: well dude, we have to be objective, and not turn into what we criticize Americans for, we gotta realize that certain ppl in that country did that, or certain polticians said such and such, don't say the entire country, like how some Americans accuse our entire religion "And everyone already knows that Arabs have deep hiqd for Egypt." see that phrase right there is a damn shame. now when some ppl here Arab they imagine some fat 5aligi guy in a rolls royce marrying a 14 year old egyptian girl They dont have a monopoly over Arabism. el 3orouba is much greater than any individual person. When I hear ARAB I think of our struggle, I think of our language, our shared religions, not some us vs them mentality..... THIS is what I think of, when I think of Arabism our struggle and resistance against occupation
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  • 10 years ago

    Where is that pig "Tia" now? why didn't she jump in to give you a lesson about how paranoid you are, lmfao?

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  • Caesar
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    10 years ago

    One Egyptian dead = 79,999,999 left.

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  • WO_OW

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