Can I get FHA loan if house does not have appliances?

I would like to get a FHA loan on a house without appliances, does the home need appliances for a FHA loan?

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  • 9 years ago
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    A FHA mortgage loan is not predicate on the fact that the place you are buying has appliances in them or not. This is not a FHA requirement.

    If for some reason the current owner would like to throw in the appliances such as a stove, refrigerator, washer and dryer either one or a combination would not have an effect on the sale price. Some home owners would leave them for] ]various reason or might attempt to make a side deal of leaving them for a price if the buyers would want them.

    The appraiser would not make mention of them in his/her appraiser report. A home inspector might make a casual comment about them with no value or cost to repair any that are in need of repair.

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  • 9 years ago

    Anything that's supposed to be built in, usually only the dishwasher, needs to be there. Other appliances are not required. Even if the seller is leaving all appliances, FHA considers them to be of little or no value in the total value of the home because the life expectancy is nominal considering the term of the loan.

  • 9 years ago

    Call the Federal housing Authority and ask. I would say you do not have to have the appliances to be approved for a FHA loan, many people wait to buy appliances to see if they are qualified for the loan and have a home to put the appliances in. Best Wishes and Happy Home Buying.

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  • Bob
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    9 years ago

    In simple terms, FHA does not require the home to have appliances but they will not finance a home in which built in appliances are missing. If they are attached they are considered part of the real estate. Unattached they are considered personal property and will not be considered in the appraised value of the home.

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  • 9 years ago

    All appliances must be there and functioning properly in order to be approved for a FHA loan. Home must be move in ready to pass mustard. EVERYTHING is inspected for a FHA loan.

    Deferred maintenance is not allowed unless it is weather related.

    Check with your lender to verify the information. Agents dont always know this so you may have to have him/her check with a DE underwriter.

    Source(s): 6. Appliances: The Valuation Protocol (page D-26 of Appendix D, Handbook 4150.2) requires the appraiser to note the appliances that are present in the home at the time of inspection and whether the appliance is considered personal property or part of the real estate. The protocol further directs the appraiser to treat non-functioning appliances/equipment as deferred maintenance in the valuation process. The manner in which an appliance is attached to the dwelling would determine whether or not an appliance should be considered part of the real estate. In some real estate markets, it may be typical and customary for certain appliances to convey with the real estate. In these situations, those appliances should be considered real estate and treated as such in the valuation of the property. In some cases, such as that of REO properties, all or some of the appliances may be missing and there may be damage to the floor, wall or ceiling finish as a result of the removal. Depending upon the magnitude of the damage, the appraiser is expected to treat the damage to the home as deferred maintenance and reflect such in the conclusion of value. Missing appliances must be addressed by the appraiser in the valuation process, particularly when the comparable sales included a full complement of working appliances. In cases where appliances are missing and minor repairs may also be needed, lenders are encouraged to have the borrower take advantage of the Streamlined 203(k) loan product, which has no minimum repair cost threshold and is designed to cover such improvements/replacements.
  • peets
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    3 years ago

    i've got heard that renting an place of abode calls for a range (yet no longer dishwasher or refrigerator). yet i'm no longer conscious that any loans could make the variety of requirement. What are you meant to do? purchase a range and positioned it on your front room till you finalize the sale on a house months later? That merely would not make experience.

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