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" GREENLAND voted on Tuesday overwhelmingly in favour of self-rule in a referendum that paves the way for independence from Denmark and gives it rights to lucrative Arctic resources, final results showed."

我不清楚"rights to lucrative Arctic resources"的意思是什麼,,to後面不是應該跟verb嗎?但lucrative是一個adj (賺大錢的;獲利多的),,那這個rights究竟是什麼權利呢?


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    to之後一般也是跟一個主動詞,舉個極簡淺的例句Does he want to come along ? Does是助動詞(AuxiliaryVerb)而want to come才是主動詞

    (Main或Principal Verb);這我相信你一定知道。但你似乎忘了to之後也可

    以是名詞如Please give this to her. ; Do you come to the church with us?

    在你的句子中' lucrative(profitable) Arctic resources ' 用作一個名詞片語(Noun Phrase) 即是名詞, 解作' 北極所蘊藏的生財資源(探採權)', 如該處海底石油等。

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  • Jc
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    If Greenland is independent from Denmark, It has the ownership of some part of the Arctic Circle which has rich/ lucrative resources.

    "rights to something/ rights to do something"----->right = moral/ legal claim ------->"to" is a preposition, therefore, a noun is needed after it

    e.g. right to a fair trial公平審判的權利

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