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WHITE NATIONALISTS: What Does Don Black Do With All your Money?

Foreword: I am a white male in his twenties, and while I don't subscribe to the "Racialist" views that WN's espouse - I DO support the concepts of freedom of speech and freedom of association.

My question to you, when you donate money to DON BLACK of Stormfront, where does it go? Is there any proper oversight to see that this cash is used for its intended purposes?

As far as website overhead costs go, they are not that high for a website of Stormfront's format and userbase size, and looking at the technical setup of the site, the money isn't going to development..

I only bring this up because I believe that the WN movement CAN succeed, using a modified "PLE" model.

Rather than sending your money piecemeal to some guy in Florida, why not create a website that looks for areas of land that are for sale, create a system to accept money, and then PURCHASE these areas of land?"

Invite only trusted users from the WN user base to participate initially and then expand.

The idea of purchasing areas of land to create a community has been done before successfully: check out,_Northern_Cape

So what do you say WN's? What happens to your contributions? What are your thoughts on 'accelerated PLE'?

To detractors: I implore you to refrain from posting hateful and non-constructive comments, White Nationalism from the perspective of freedom of association is COMPLETELY ACCEPTABLE if it is accomplished by legal, non-violent methods.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    It goes to maintaining the servers, etc. He is in debt, and he pay for much of it himself. However some petty money to David Duke or William Pierce (Rip) is nothing, when I see there in not one party/organization in the mainstream that represents our interests.

    I am a subscriber to Amren, and many respectable people like Phillipe Rushdon donate to that organization as well.

    I just want my children (When I have them) to feel safe and at home. I dont want them living behind walled societies like Brazil and South Africa.

    Amren is very respectable, and Yale educated Jared taylor has yet to be defeated in a debate.


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    Ok just read your question.

    Purchase of land is a problem... Ruby Ridge was an attempt at that I believe. It is impossible to get around minority housing quotas etc. I am a new WN, so you may want to ask this on Stormfront.

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  • kaitz
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    that's humorous a White Nationalist, LOL! How can a shade be sure your nationality? you may state your decree, your religious decrease back floor, for the shortcoming of greater proper words your place of beginning. So, do you easily understand the place your from? i assume no longer in view that u say white nationalist, And to me its somewhat stunning in spite of the undeniable fact that it is going to no longer be, that black ppl who think of they are no longer Afrikan, they are jus black, which proves how enslaved ppl are nonetheless in united statesa. a hundred and fifty post slavery. How white supremacy have made you think of they look when you and think of you're reaching fulfillment of their equipment LOL all and sundry cant be saved is greater obvious. So, to get to the component of this guy attempting to objective. in the event that they did it i might take it to get removed from white supremacy and to construct the afrikan united states of america, that could desire to fall apart the yank financial equipment in view which you acquire to understand that a warfare may well be on the horizon. yet whilst majority of blacks left united statesa. the financial equipment might fail, So confident i might go away just to be sure you fail. LOL a million greater ingredient to the BLACK ppl who say oh no why might I go away this super united states of america who has enslaved my grandparents, slaughtered your infants who practice plenty injustice to YOU commonplace, oh it hasn't affected you properly think of lower back as quickly as you discover your self in the incorrect difficulty or attempting to get forward you will discover out in basic terms what its like on a similar time as you kissing your oppressors *** he's plotting against you and your infants, the constution grew to become into neva written for you, you have no longer any rights in this united states of america yet you prefer to stay LOL they in basic terms provide you basically a month to evaluate of your ppl and all 3 hundred and sixty 5 days around to serve him yet yet you nonetheless do no longer see how OPRESSED you're, stupid rabbit

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    they bought it all:

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  • sex

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