T.V. Antenna Help!! Tips or Tricks?

Ok, I dont watch a Lot of TV...so there is no sense in getting Dish or Cable! I just like to watch my soaps in the morning and my local news at night....Soooo...my problem is that my darn HD Digital TV Antenna is not doing the trick! Its only picks up certain channels and sometimes none! So my question is....is there any tips or tricks to getting the most out of my antenna...i want it to pick up all the channels!!!!!!

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    (The details in this answer assume you are located in the US)

    >is there any tips or tricks to getting the most out of my antenna..


    Indoor antennas can be very sensitive to location; sometimes moving them even a few inches and make a big difference. The chances are that top of your TV (or where ever you put it) is not the spot with the best reception. A length of coax cable (10-20 feet?) is a good tool for the best spot for your antenna. If the antenna has a permanently attached cable, you will also need a barrel connector to attach the new coax to the antenna.


    Go to http://www.tvfool.com/index.php?option=com_wrapper... and find out what direction your local TV transmitters are in, how are away they are, and what "real" channels they use.

    Think about what materials the TV signals have to go through to get to your antenna. Where can you relocate your antenna so it has the best exposure to the TV signals? Usually higher is better. Outdoor antennas are almost always better.


    >my darn HD Digital TV Antenna

    In North America, all TV antennas are both analog and digital; they just slap buzzwords like "HD" and "Digital" on them for marketing reasons. But antenna requirements depend on your location. Not all antennas can pick up all the frequency bands (UHF/Hi-VHF/Low-VHF) used for TV.


    Some antennas are adjustable.


    If you ask a question about what antenna would be best, include:

    Zip code

    distance to transmitters

    discription fo antennas you tried and what the results were

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    Digital Antenna Tips

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    I have rabbit ears, and I am not interested in cable either. I suggest moving the ears for lower channels (2-13) and moving the circle part for higher channels. Sometimes weather affects them so you may get better reception depending on it. Also make sure your TV is set for Antenna and not cable under your menu on your TV. Hope this helps

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    You need a better antenna. If there is any way you can get an outdoor antenna, that should improve things imensely.

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    a) Check www.antennaweb.org so you can point your antenna correctly

    If that does not help, you simply need a better antenna or maybe an outdoor antenna.

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