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Can someone give me exercises and jump drills for cheerleading?

I made the cheerleading team and i want to get fit for it. What are some exercise to help me lose some weight to get strong abs and skinner thighs. Also some drills for jumps because me jumps are horrid. Thanks!

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    A good way for you to get strong abs is by doing plank drills. they're the best thing you can do to tighten your core. if you dont know what a plank is here are some pictures to describe it (i say that because i didnt know what one was before i started cheerleading, lol )

    the more often you do planks the easier they'll get. they seem tough at first but the longer you hold them the tighter your core will become.

    To get skinnier thighs your best bet is running. or you could try riding a bike if running isn't your thing.

    jump drills/tips -

    to get higher jumps a good thing to do on a daily basis is kicks. do sets of 20. put your arms in a t, and kick to your right leg to your right side 5 times, then move your arms to a touchdown and kick your right leg to the front 5 times, then do it with your left leg, and then kick to your left side with your left leg 5 times with your arm in a t-motion again.

    another good technique for higher jumps is leg lifts. sit on the ground as if you were in the air doing a toe touch. put your arms on either sides of your leg by your thigh and raise your right leg off of the ground, keep it raised and do 5 circular movements with your leg WITHOUT touching the ground inbetween them. then do the same with your left leg. make sure you keep your back straight or else this wont stretch you at all. after that you can try the same thing but do it with both legs moving in a circular motion above the ground, keeping your arms in a t-motion. this builds your thigh muscles to help you snap your legs up during the jump.

    heres another jump one lol. lay down on the ground on your back with your arms by your side. doing one leg at a time, lift your leg straight up (this would be 12 o'clock) , then go to 3 o'clock (that would be out to the side), and your other option is 6 o'clock, which is holding your leg above the ground next to your other leg resting on the floor. you can go from different times like 6 to 3, 3 to 12, and so on. it'll again help you build your thigh muscles so you can snap your legs.

    if your jumps look kind of a low, a good way to make your legs look higher is to SLIGHTLY lower your t-motion. if you lower your motion it'll give the illusion that your legs are going higher then they actually are. make sure it doesnt turn into a low v, and make sure your t is slightly in front of you.

    As long as you stretch & put some time and effert into them, your jumps should get better in no time! plus as the season goes on you'll most likely get fit gradually, just by stunting and jumping and dancing all the time.

    good luck!

    Source(s): im a varsity cheerleader and go through these stretches for toe touches everyday :)
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    good take a seat straddled at the flooring [like a toe-contact] then positioned your palms at the flooring in entrance of you and raise your legs up. I recognize your legs will sting and it hurts but it surely fairly makes your jumps so much larger! Well Good Luck on Tryouts and Best Wishes in Cheerleading! =]

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    Running is the best thing you can do. I know it seems simple, but you are going to be doing tons of running anyways, so why not get a head start. Also as far as jumps go, do they butterfly streatch. & its going totake a long time to get your jumps to where you want the. Mine still aren't perfect & I've been working on them for a year. So good luck. :)

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