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Why do Republicans hate Government workers so much?

My mom works for the Food and Drug Administration and she is a perfect citizen, works hard for the money she makes (which is no where near $100k/year like Mr. Limbaugh and Beck would like to have you believe), she pays her taxes on time, doesn't eat stake for dinner every night (Mr. Beck), we live in a modest home (not a mansion, but not a crime ridden slum either), she loves her country and served in the Air Force reserve (my father was also in the USAF for 23 years). Why do people like Mr. Limbaugh( a person I had a lot of respect for up until recently) and Mr. Beck want to begrudge her of the modest life she has? Why do they want to spread so much hatred towards her?

I look forward to your replies!


Why do you hate the work, she does an honest job. She is not a Washington Politician.

Update 2:

My mom only takes home about $40,000/year, is that grossly overpaid?

Update 3:

@ Time Kitty: My mom pays taxes every year buddy boy.

Update 4:

I consider grossly overpaid someone who sits behind a microphone and makes $50,000,000/year. I wont name names. :)

Update 5:

BTW, I am no Obama lover, but it just seems like there is a lot of hate towards good people like her.

Update 6:

I agree the folks in DC are grossly overpaid and overcompensated, but not all Govt employees are.

Update 7:

Texas Libertarian: So far your answer is the best.

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    Their slimy, ignorant, uneducated scum maggot "pundits", mainly the filthy "three stooges" have programmed the self-brainwashed dorks to hate whatever they are told to hate. These degenerate dolts don't even realize that the cops and soldiers they claim to so slavishly admire ARE working for the selfsame government.

    Delusion elements of the fascist right--and I include in that the insane, bloated, lying perverts who spew hate and moronic filth on "Reich Broadcasting"--talk endlessly about "small government", but ironically, no Republican since Harding has actually reduced the gross number of federal employees, whereas Harry Truman and Bill Clinton actually DID do that! They actually want to talk about "small government" and rape the public for trillions, as their slimy backers are doing right now. Nor have they ever reduced overall tax rates on the working or middle classes, solely for their ultra-rich backers. Their real plan: steal everything that can be stolen and blame it on someone else! Their scuzzy "deregulation" frauds from about 1980 forward, and their massive revenue reduction tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy very nearly destroyed our economy, and yet these monsters fight to keep those ripoffs going. See John Boehner for a perfect specimen.

    And yet they'll tell any lie to give the impression they'll save money, which the slime NEVER have.

    Their imbecilic fiction that "Washington has destroyed the country" is wired deep into their slimy, psychotic souls, and they repeat the lies told them by the professional propaganda loudmouths without any analysis or knowledge or attempt to verify anything.

    The are effectively mindless robots and sleaze maggots.

    I used to really enjoy intelligent, traditional conservatives. But this new breed of slobber mouthed dimwitted, anti-intellectual diatribe essentially owned by charlatan excrement bags like Beck and Limbaugh absolutely baffle me. How in the world can anyone blindly follow the putrid, fraudulent propaganda of crazy b*******ds who barely got out of high school, who have no concept of or experience with service of ANY kind, military or civilian, and who likewise have no portfolio or real knowledge or analysis of real problems of actual institutions? They are following the worst sort of malicious, mercenary, corrupt liars, who work for the scummiest elements of criminal capitalism, and they don't even know it. Half these lowlife slugwits and infections never even heard of the Koch Brothers, AEI, USCOC, and the other actual sources of the moronic lies they so blindly and stupidly repeat, like the small, dimwitted children they are singing the HORST WESSEL LIED rote.

    Notice the hate mongering nincompoops are out in droves. One tells you how "corrupt" the FDA is...and presents no evidence or logic, and probably knows nothing about it. Another equally ill-informed moron says civil servants pay no taxes, which is a particularly insulting lie and maggoty thing to say, which I reported. The depraved degenerates from whom these brain dead psychopaths get their madness are under no pressure at all to tell the truth, having been released from that constraint by filth like Murdoch's lawsuit for a "right to lie to the public" and a "right to force their employees to lie to the public". The dirt bags know this, yet reject the truth or the fact of their own depravity and perversion.

    I once thought only old right-wing Nazi Germany could be this twisted. That was a foolish error. The right wing's policies of fraud and divisiveness are destroying the United States with the same kind of bogus hate mongering Hitler's reactionary right wing filth spread in the 20's and 30's before they took office in a coalition with other conservative parties January 30th, 1933.

    I am afraid it is going to happen here soon!

    Source(s): Reality, where the chickenshit worms of the neo-Nazi right cannot even begin to reach.
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    "Larry Johnson" hit the nail on the head.

    There are billions of dollars behind the anti-government movement, personified by liars like Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly. Their agenda, for which they truly are overpaid, is to besmirch by fraud everything to do with the "liberals" and "government" and to spread the monstrous and horrible lie that only "things military" have anything to do with patriotism.

    This is Nazi talk.

    Very like the Nazis, their right wing brethren, these flummery artists talk about small government and trimming budgets. The ultra-right NEVER actually does that, but they do start endless wars--we're still involved in two such of their horrible abortions!--and alienate a lot of decent people, worldwide. Vicious, laissez-fIre capitalism isn't what they want, either, although that's the line they talk. Their real agenda is about further enriching the multi-billionaires who own and control the entire far right movement and the Republican Congress and trash like John Boehner.

    So bad-mouthing government employees is just one step toward their overall agenda of hate and violence and separation. I worked in the Census, and met many of the self-disturbed anti-government lunatics who were unaware that the Census is in the Constitution, and has been required by responsible governments for at least 2000 years. The lunatic fringe right wing in the United States is about making ignorance, and making ignorance the norm and universal.

    They hate the Constitution, the United States, the working class, the middle class, and in fact anyone who is not fabulously wealthy they view as a source of cheap labor and tax money to support THEIR extravagances.

    Source(s): 83 years of watching right wing scum try to destroy decent people and organized society!
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    because normal government workers are living proof that government is good. this conflicts with some crazy ideological religious believe they have, so they foam at the mouth.

    Listen, Reagan got big by telling people government was bad. He was betting on the believe that stupid people think they STILL know better than smarter, educated people. Now this is their religion, and they can not go back and admit they've been wrong for the last 30 years. Even now that they've ruined the country.

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    No one said your mom doesn't work hard.

    The issue is accountability. These organizations get so large and filled with so many people that--when combined with high turnover--responsibility is nowhere to be seen.

    How can you take full credit or responsibility for something when A) you can blame any issue on 534 other people since they had to vote on it too and B) are rarely there to see your initiative ever finished or even started?

    Take the new MMS for example. This was the organization that was responsible for being the regulatory agency for drilling and mining. Obviously, the coke snorting clowns that were in there didn't deserve the job, but we went ahead and--first--broke it up into 3 agencies (requiring new hires) and then put a bunch of lawyers in charge of it. Think about that. What lawyer is going to make the call on an offshore drilling issue? None of them, so now, we have these 3 agencies within one being run by a lawyer who now needs to go out and ask for a new committee to help validate his findings and lead him to a conclusion. How many new salaries (all above 6-figures, I'm sure) is that going to amount to?

    THIS is what most people mean when they talk about a smaller government. This is wasteful and intentionally clouds the chain of command.

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    Nobody hates government employees. Some things that the government has taken over should be handled by the private sector. Government employees are paid by the tax payer. So are their retirements, benefits, etc. We just don't really need to increase the government anymore.

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    Because they have to pay for such workers through excessive taxes which the democrats assign. But not at all is your mom or anyone there at fault, for it is Obama that takes advantage of these things, for the more he pays them, the more taxes the republicans must pay, and thus the less power they will have, and thus the more power the democrats will have. Sound confusing? That's first grade math right there for yu, kid.

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    Because there are too many government-workers -- doing things, the government is not supposed to be doing in the first place. And their salaries -- already rather high -- grow unchecked, because the government, unlike business, does not need to balance the books.

    It is nothing personal against your mom, don't worry...

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    I don't see them spreading hate toward government workers. What they are saying is that is not the solution to a recovery.

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    The same reason they hate all unions, and maybe the very idea of them. They're angry and as they tend to do, they'll attack the effects while completely ignoring the causes.

  • I stopped at FDA, I hate the FDA. Corrupt little agency that is. Your mom is probably a nice lady though. Government agencies are simply too big, incompetent and wasteful, hire too many and grossly overpay and overcompensate their employees.

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