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What college is easier to get into West Point or Annapolis ?

I heard at West Point there are 11,000 applicants a year. Is this true with Annapolis too?

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    On the surface it appears that West Point is less competitive but there is not enough comparable information to draw a valid conclusion. It depends on how one defines "applicant." The 11,000 figure is the number of files opened. The number who continue in the process to the point of applying for a nomination to West Point has to be less than the number who open applicant files. Comparing Class of 2013 West Point to Class of 2014 Annapolis since there is more relevant nomination information than for Class of 2013 Annapolis and Class of 2014 West Point has not yet been released, there were 929 more congressional nominations at Annapolis than total nominations at West Point. The Air Force Academy looks to have had even more total nominations but there is no breakdown. Usafa appears to have achieved this with a far smaller number of total applicants, even less than West Point. If we assume that the number of military related nominations were about the same at Usna and West Point. Then it appears that West Point may have had half the number of Congressional nominations of Annapolis. It is hard to draw any valid conclusions because there is a lack of comparable information released each year with regard to the number of Loa's; the total number of congressional nominations actually available each year due to Loa's not being charged off; the number of students who actually go through all the steps required to be appointed. In the initial round of competition for an Loa, the only real competition comes from Candidates who are scholastically, physically and medically qualified and have completed all steps of the application process and regardless of nomination status and we are not given this number, but it has to be far less than the number of files opened. The high number of applications to Usna is also due to Usna actively recruiting applicants who have never before considered applying to a service academy and have not been actively prepping for an appointment for years.

    West Point Class of 2013:

    Applicant Files Started: 11,107

    Nominations: 3,729

    Possible Congressional Nominations in any year: 8,350.

    [8,350 = 435 Reps + 100 Senators multiplied by 10 nominations per vacancy multiplied by 1.25 vacancies per year, since Each Rep and Senator can have five nominated Cadets charged off to him at West Point at any given point in time, multiplied by 1.25 due to an 80% graduation rate. The Cadets who receive Loa's are not charged off to the nominating Rep or Senator so the total number of Congressional Nominations available in any given year is actually higher than 8,350.]

    Suffice to say that less than the 11,107 applicants who started a file continued to the point of applying for a nomination.

    An unlimited number of Presidential nominations which are non competitive and awarded to children of active duty and retired military from any service branch.

    Jrotc/rotc and active duty/reserve military related nominations.

    Qualified(Academically and Physically): 2,058

    Offers of Appointment: Typically around 200-300 more than accepted, so let's say 1500 to be conservative.

    Admitted = Accepted Offers of Appointment: 1,299


    Annapolis Class of 2014:

    Applicant Files Started: 17,417

    Offers of Appointment: 1,464

    Accepted Offers of Appointment: 1,245


    Congressional: 4,658. Same 8,350 possible as explained above.

    Presidential: 773

    Sec of Navy =Active Duty/Reserves/HS Athletes and Other Recruits: 377

    Jrotc/Rotc: 312

    Children of deceased or disabled veterans: 22

    Total Nominations: 6,142

    Annapolis Cass of 2013....

    Applicant Files Started: 15,342

    Offers of Appointment:

    Accepted Offers of Appointment: 1,251




    Sec of Navy =Active Duty/Reserves/HS Athletes and Other Recruits:


    Children of deceased or disabled veterans:

    Total Nominations:


    Air Force Academy:

    Applicant Files Started: 9,897

    Offers of Appointment: 1,667

    Accepted Offers of Appointment: 1,351

    Nominations: 6,940

    Qualified Candidates: 2253

    [ At Usafa Candidate means has a nomination. Qualified means scholastically and physically.]



    Sec of Navy =Active Duty/Reserves/HS Athletes and Other Recruits:


    Children of deceased or disabled veterans:

    Total Nominations: 6,940



    Good Luck!

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    It's called the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD and no it is not any easier to get into and that is for a good reason. If you want easy go to a University that has an NROTC program like San Diego State or Old Dominion.

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    Both accept about 1300 students per year. Entrance requirements are pretty much the same. They both get WAY more applicants than they accept.

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    try 35 thousand applicants with about 1200 getting offered a seat.. for ALL service Acadamies.

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    West Point you have a better chance.

    Source(s): I go there
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