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59 50 new era hats size?

i measured my head and my i'm a bit over 23 1/2 inches. Should i buy a 7 1/2 size hat or a 7 5/8?

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    I am very skeptical at buying hats online. Why? Because of the fact that they won't fit right. I would definetly go to a local Lids or a Sport shop and try on hats. I had a buddy that ordered a 7 1/2 and it fit him like an 8 1/2. So he had to send it back and get a right size. Forget the hassle, buy local

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    Buy 7 5/8.

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    why dont you go try one on. every hat fits a little different. even if you order online i would still go to a local "Lids" store or somewhere else that sells 59/50s and just be safe.

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