the u.s.a,u.k,india V/s china,russia,pakistan who will win in limited warfare?

i know its crazy question but i am just wandering

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    right well to answer this question... i am going to make all countrys ecnomically stable ( which i no there not ) and ill say its a conventional war. ill split it up first... it'll obvosaly be india vs pakistan in this section of the war and india would crush pakistan as india have far greater numbers and would get supplyed weapons but the us. you've then got us and uk vs russia and china. the us and uk are not dumb enough to invade russia or china. as china have a fuking crazy amount of people and russia are scary and would never give up there land. keep in mind even though china have bast numbers of troops they would not be able to have a huge oversea invasion. also the russians have extremely outdated weapons now while the us and uk have very advanced weapons.the UK navy is not a force to be messed ith and could easyily take out the russian navy. but russia do have a good air force ( britains is okay ). russia could try and invade the UK but will fail. all i can really see china do it put up defences and also send a lot of reiforcements to back up pakistan and russia. while china is doing this the us will help britain out with its air force and navy. this is how it will turn out. india will squash pakistan but chian will back up pakistan. you've then got the us bombing the **** out the chinese and pakistanies. india will hold back pakistan and china. britain will be severly bombed by the russians but the russians will be bombed a lot by the british and americans. i can imagine the SAS and SOB will be involved in undercover work and also the CIA. they will severly cripple russian oil supplys. britian will get really uptight and be cautious from russian spys. china decide to fall back and india will reorganise there lines while china is doing the same.the british will evetually finish of the russian navy and demand them to quit which they will do. with this done the us will focus its forces on the chinese vs india situation and will help out india. after china lose a lot of troops they decide to quit as well.

    end result.....






    are all pretty bombed to ****




    bombed to ****


    Bejing is massacre after a **** load of us bombs dropped on them

    amount dead

    2 billion

    by the way this would not exactly happen in realy life with several factors and there are other countrys that would get invovled like

    South korea

    North korea














    thats not all the countrys

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    China's team.U.K. and India mean nothing when Russia tech and China manpower come together.Pakistan have more combat experience than India.The maoist rebels in India will just ally with Pakistan and slowly pummel India.

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    Is the winning type the guy who dies with the main toys? Do those issues make people chuffed? To me, the real winners are people who're happy with what they have. i'm no longer including the real undesirable in this, by way of fact they are going to constantly be with us and could constantly elect our help. there is likewise a proportion that are hostages, with the point to communicate, however the overpowering majority are purely hostages to themselves.

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    China's team

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    The slugs.

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