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How to setup ssh port forwarding?

Hey. I want to be able to connect to my computer from outside of my local network using ssh (from the command line). I have logged into my linksys router via http, but I'm a bit confused on how to use port forwarding. Can someone explain how I can get my router to forward any ssh requests to my computer?

Thank you in advance!

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    Port forwarding SSH is a bit risky, using port 22 itself. Thousands of hackers probe all IP address with SSH, port 22. You will get thousands of login attempts unless you hide SSH better.

    One option is to configure your SSH service to use another, unused, port. I sometimes use 22222 or 22123. Then, common probes on port 22 will fail for all those hackers.

    In some cases, some routers will do port address translation (PAT), so incoming WAN SSH request on port 22222 gets translated to LAN port 22, allowing you to use SSH with it's default settings internally, but have to use the other port externally (that is how I have by Linux boxes set - my roiuters do PAT)

    In all cases, your computer on the LAN that you are SSH'ing to must be at a static LAN IP address, else if it changes due to DHCP, you may not connect. Once you have the static LAN IP address, go into the router and port forward the incoming SSH port (whatever method you use) to the IP of the PC you are trying to connect to...

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    Answered this in your other question as well.

    Use the site above to get instructions on how to forward ports on your router. To forward SSH, your router may have ports defined by name. If there is no port called SSH, use port 22.

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    You need to open have access to your modem/router and set port forwarding to forward port 22 to a local IP address.

    Watch this youtube on how to create an FTP server which explains clearly on port 22. Theres part 1 and part 2.

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    If you need an Free SSH software tool, check out this site:

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    Odds are that your artwork pc is on the decrease back of a agency agency firewall. This prevents VNC website travellers from being waiting to achieve the artwork pc. keeps hackers from being waiting to stay with VNC (or similar techniques) to hack into the agencies community. communicate on your kit administator. they could have a way in position that you'll remotely get get suitable of entry to on your artwork pc from living house. many times a version of VPN as this is plenty better preserve.

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