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I need help to design a web site, however this is a very special site and I need a compassionate individual?

Hello everyone out there in Yahoo answer and ask. My name is Dawn I live in Massachusetts, and I am a single mom with a son who is autistic as well. I have autism as my primary diagnosis and high functioning Aspergers (HFA) more specifically left and right temporal lobe epilepsy, ADHD-C, visual and spatial impairment, processing speed impairment, OCD, anxiety/ panic disorder, insomnia and right hemisphere brain damage. My son has HF AS, ADHD-C, Touretts syndrome, anxiety/panic disorder, OCD, and insomnia. Don't feel bad wonderful gifts are bestowed upon us. However our social issues like anyone who is "Neurodiverse" are serious. I need help from those who care I want to setup a web site that actually helps individuals. For me the umbrella of neurodiversity includes the following; bipolar, depression, autism spectrum, ADHD, touretts, epilepsy, schizophrenia, the list goes on and on. All talented and gifted individuals who are humiliated, taken advantage of, ostracized, a very large class of children who are gifted and have so much to offer. I can tell you every day there is a battle with someone, or some agency who is after my son and I, ironically we have nothing of monetary value however we stick out. Ryan was physically assaulted by the staff at his school when he was only eleven years old they kept him in a conference room for six months playing his game boy I did not know they violated his FAPE (Free Appropriate Public Education) which every child in this country is guaranteed under federal law. My son is not the only one who suffers, I know in my heart all across this country parents of this amazing children fight with school districts, have no funds to get the things they need for their children my heart bleeds for them. I want to petition President O'Bama, the Senate and Congress to setup two school districts. I also want the web site to have real things on it for people who need it instead of having to beg and be humiliated and jump through hoops just to get a few dollars. The money in this country be it foundation or government goes all to research, nothing to help these families. There are many weeks my son and I have no food left and live off of crackers, water. I am completing a degree in Medical Lab Science I will have a Bachelors with a minor in Evolutionary biology. But I can't do this alone I have an amazing vocabulary, have read prolifically, I am a writer, and a scientist, however put a bill in front of me or a lease contract and I don't have the cognitive ability to comprehend, and my visual spatial impairment causes issues as well. I don't want anymore children to suffer. Please whomever reads this only respond if you care, I have huge issues with insults and being mean and hurting people just because it makes you feel better. I know there are people out there that can network with me to make a difference. "This is suppose to be the Land of Equal Opportunity". President O'Bama even if you did not vote for him, said "People need to get involved to make a Difference". I believe that, do you want to make a difference?

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    I live a very busy life and am in Arizona, but if you can think of a way to get use out of me, let me know. I don't have a degree, but I do have a few good friends and family members who might be able to. IDK what I could really do though.

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