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Is it worth buying a HD Freeview box for my HDTV?

I am about to move back to University and I am taking my Full HD TV with me. I was just wondering if it would be worth buying a Freeview HD box? Will it just benefit me with the channels that are actually being broadcast in HD (BBC1 HD ITV HD etc...) or will it to a certain degree upscale the standard channels as it is being run through a HD source & cable?

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    Right, to start with, most of the other answers are bobbins. I'll tell you the truth!

    There are three HD channels available through Freeview at the moment, although not available in all areas yet. The channels are BBC HD, ITV HD and Channel 4 HD.

    All programmes shown on BBC HD are in HD. ITV HD and C4 HD just show what is on the regular channel. If the programme was filmed in HD, it will be shown in HD. If not, they will upscale the programme. The upscaled programmes are noticably better.

    For example, Countdown on C4 is not filmed in HD. However, Rachel Riley and her legs look much better on C4 HD than on regular C4 due to the upscaling.

    The proper HD is much better of course.

    On every other channel, there would be no real improvement despite the HD source/cable etc. Having said that, it depends how good the Freeview HD box is. There are cheaper ones (sub £100) and dearer ones - £150 and up.

    As to whether it's worth it? It's down to you. Do you watch much TV? Is HD something you're desperate to have? If so, maybe it's worth it. It depends how easy £100+ is for you to come by.

    Finally, I'll mention the aerial required. There is no such thing as a digital aerial. There is, however, the right type of aerial to receive digital. Many people already have such an aerial and don't need to replace it. As for the HD? If you can receive all the digital channels you're supposed to, you have the right aerial. The HD is just the same as any other channel - don't believe this 'HD aerial' nonsense. No such thing!

    To check whether you might be able to receive HD, check using your postcode at:

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    ANF is talking rubbish. You do NOT need a special aerial to receive digital Freeview television. You just need a good one - most indoor aerials are not good for Freeview. This is only because the transmitted signal strength is weaker than analogue tv. That will change by the end of 2012.

    There are very few HD channels on Freeview at the moment, about 4. They are only duplicates of the standard channels anyway. A Freeview HD box costs over £80, some are over £100. You must ask yourself whether it's worth the money.

    It won't upscale existing non-HD (standard definition) Freeview channels because it is not possible to add in picture detail that wasn't being transmitted in the first place.

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    If your University is in a region that can receive HD Freeview, then you will be able to receive the HD channels. If it's not, you won't.

    You do NOT need a "special" aerial to receive Freeview, HD or otherwise. I have no idea why this bizarre rumour persists. Our aerial is a least 15 years old and we can receive over 60 Freeview channels, perfectly.

    However, an HD Freeview box will not upscale SD broadcasts. They will look the same as usual.

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    As there's only three HD channels on Freeview HD I wouldn't buy it.

    We've got a Hitachi HD Ready TV with built in Freeview in the bedroom,and the picture looks good(No complaints).Edited some clips from it

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    If, when you purchased your HDTV it stated that Freeview was included, then you should have access to all freeview channels via your TV; and buying a box as well is not necessary. The only time all freeview channels aren't available is when you watch the TV in a bad reception area. Pop into any Curry's store and give them the post code of Uni and they will be able to tell you whether freeview works there well/poorly/not at all. Happy viewing - but don't forget to study also!!

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    Buy HD since is will be the "normal" TV in less than a year. All local stations are required to begin HD broadcasts in February 2009. You can save a few dollars now and buy a SDTV (normal), but you will have to upgrade in 6 mos.

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    To add to Gillian1 above, you would need a special aerial to receive the freeview signals anyway even if the facility to receive is built into your TV.

    Also you would need a special aerial if you want to receive the HD signal.

    Also for the HD signal you would need a "freesat" box.

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