What are some good stretches for someone who sews on a machine several hours a day?

I spend several hours a day sewing and find that my chest, neck and shoulders get really tight and painful.

Know any good stretches to help me out?


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    First, watch your ergonomics. Make sure the machine is at the correct height, and you're sitting at it correctly, square in front of the needle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbmQ2riM7Yo

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    The stretch I use most while sewing is the doorframe stretch: stand in a narrow door frame, like a bathroom door. Put your arms up in the "I surrender" position, upper arms parallel to the floor, hands and lower arms on the door frame. Keeping your head up, step forward half a step and feel the stretch in the upper chest and shoulders. Hold for 10-15 seconds, then step back. Repeat, stepping forward with the other foot.

    Do you know these books? http://www.iapa.ca/pdf/ergonomics_handbook.pdf and


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    I have an old car-accident injury in my right shoulder and ergonomics is crucial for me. I've had surgery twice and It's not fun. i pay extra attention to where my arms, shoulders and neck are at all times. Placing your machine high enough so you can stand while sewing is a great way to release pressure and strain in the chest area. Having the needle area boob high for me works best, I have no more shoulder and neck issues because my hands, shoulders and arms are relaxed and in a natural position. Standing at the machine is less tension inducing that sitting. Be sure that your machines are high enough so your aren't slumping over while you work. Also be sure that your work space isn't cluttered with scissors, rulers, a pressing pad and iron or whatever. Keep them nearby but not right at the machine. It's easy to get all cluttered up and that crap restricts your movement and can make you tense up. Try to turn one task into a stand up and walk task, such as moving the pressing area away from the machine. It won't take up too much extra time and the change of position is good for you. I also have to move between machines and none of my chairs have wheels, so I have to get up. It also burns a few more calories than sitting and wheeling from the serger to the hemmer to the lock stitcher etc and keeps me a bit more supple through the day.

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    I wouldn't do stretches if I were you.

    I'd probably go for a jog and do basic stretches, eg. fingers to toes. Going for a jog excercises alot of muscles in the body and will relieve stress. You should give it a try.

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