Egyptians in America, what do you think?

hey ya pplz

I've been really worried these days cuz of the whole 'ground zero mosque' and esta3'farallahel3azeem Qur'an burning controversies, cuz like I was wondering do you think these events will renew anti-Muslim feelings in the US? Cuz I really wanna go visit my friends this summer, and isA I plan to go back after I finish college in Egypt but I don't wanna go back and then get hate crime'd by some punks

I mean I was there during 9/11 so I guess nothing is gonna be as bad as during that time?

I asked someone about this and they said I should 5af mn Rabena bas, mat5afesh mn el nas, welly maktoublak haye7sal


Am i overreacting n being dramatic or wat plz tell me

Update 2:

what about my friends? my actual REAL friends msh el nas el zbala el est3'laleen elly malmomeen 3alaia hena

Update 3:

lmao at "so7abak"

Update 4:

omg ya mayarrrr i didnt mean 3ashan el kelma, i meant cuz their not really my friendsss

tsada2i enti bas elly fahmani :P

Update 5:

@ dal:

yeah I jsut wanna come back for visits, and maybe stay like a year or two w/ friends after college

plus theres no rednecks in SoCal

where have u beeen btw lmaooo wheres reem

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    i agree with mayar khaleek fe masr mafeesh a7san men masr =''''(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( sorry i still didnt get over the fact that i left egypt


    no i dont think its ever gonna get back to that pt like how it was after 9/11. seriously dont move back here khaleek with ur ppl and dont risk having some red neck saying something negative about islam. just come here for visits =)

    @ESD i mean yam lol ... dude go visit some other random country a7san men hena im sick of it here ... i was in egypt having fun and reem i have no idea

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  • Al
    Lv 5
    10 years ago

    My mom's Egyptian American so I've been to the states lotsa times. To be honest, the worst reaction I ever got was from a redneck bumbling fool who said: "Why don't you go back to your own country?".

    I don't think it's gonna be that bad in the future!!bas my advice is: If you can live anywhere else, do that. I-for one- am considering doin my masters in the UK or Canada instead of the US. It's just the US has become a little too ignorant for my taste, and the Glenn Becks and the Bill O'Reily's there are sure as hell aien't makin it any better.

    Source(s): law mesh mod6arelha, baladak awla 3al2a2al ay 7etta mo7tarama 3an America shwaya.
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  • 10 years ago

    Honestly I don't think it would be any worse than it was before and since you said you would go to SoCal then I don't think you would find much of a difference :P like you said no rednecks just a bunch of hispanics,, who are basically on the same boat haha ... I actually have a cousin in egypt who is coming over to live with me for senior year and planning to go to college here and my aunt was a little worried that some jerks will pick on him, but I assured her that in my school I highly doubt that they will pick on him for being a muslim .. you'd probably encounter some idiot at one point but nothing to worry about.

    but the whole burning the qu'ran thing is extremely messed up :S:S I have friends who aren't muslim and they agree that it's not right .. and personally that bothers me to know I live amongst psychos who are like that -___- I live like 2 hours away from where it's going to happen... I should go punch that guy myself xD

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  • ruh
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    nicely i'm 0.5 American, at present residing in united statesa., and that i lived in Egypt for 6 years. because of the fact the individuals call Egyptians "terrorists", the fantastic Egyptians hate them slightly. Plus united statesa. is holding Israel and is giving them billions of dollars each and each 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. Now if u bypass to Egypt and tell them ur American no person's going to do something to u do not hassle. I lived there 6 years and used to tell them i'm American and not something occurred to me. good success!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    5aleek f masr

    di baladak ya3ni

    EDIT:lmao leeh 3mloloak eh so7abak el f masr?:O

    EDIT2: as7abak *...wala tz3al :D

    EDIT3:mmm....sry asly 3ayza anam w msh merakeza 5ales

    anyway...lehh msh ur real friends? bybee3ok w ysaya7oolak w keda ya3ni wala eh?

    Source(s): ana 3ayza anam *yawns* :S:S
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