Who knows about the International Student Volunteer Program?

The ISV came to my university today and got me really excited about the possibilities of this trip. It's really expensive and you have to make a $500 deposit before you get a lot of information on where you will actually go.

I just want to make sure it is a legit company, and I want to make sure it's worth it! I've done a little research and it seems OK, I just want to double check. There were a few people who said the Costa Rica trip wasn't great, but i'm more interested in Australia.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hey, I don't know about ISV but I know United Planet does volunteering trips abroad and their deposit is a lot less, and I believe you can get info before that if you just call them (1-800-292-2316). They do trips to both Costa Rica and Australia (and other places too).

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