What are some inventions and contributions from Africa?

Except Egypt. I need some help for my class assignment. Inventions from any nation/civilization in Africa except Egypt, someone in my class took that already. Please be specific.

I asked this before but everyone was linking inventions from white people (I'm not racist) and one guy was talking about plants/animals and stuff. Didn't our black ancestors in Africa invent anything while we were there? Was it only Egypt inventing stuff?


Can you also list the inventors of those things?

Update 2:

I know the CAT scan was invented in South Africa by Allan Cormack, not in the Kingdom of Mutapa, Zimbabwe, or the Zulu empire. What about the rest?


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    1st coined money using Christian symbol

    2nd oldest Christian Nation

    Oldest written African alphabet still in use today.

    One of the initial members of the League of Nations

    Constructed Lalibela, a series of churches carved into rock forming a shape of a cross into the ground during the 5th century.

    *Invented Coffee*

    Considered one of the greatest ancient empires along with Roman, Macedonian, Persian etc.

    Known for its diverse commerce, ancient libraries filled with works such as The History of Adam, legends of apostles, rare manuscripts, miniatures with such artistic qualities whose impact lasted upto the 16th century

    Also holds (supposedly, but is held as a truth by many scholars) the Ark of the Covenant which contains the 10 commandments

    Defeated the Italians in 1896 and again during World War II after a 6 year occupation (not colonization as there was continuous riots and the Ethiopian people did not truly surrender and accept Italian government and their way of life) therefore they were never colonized.

    Longest continuous reigning monarchy Solominid dynasty from about 1000 BC until the 1970's.

    Numerous philosphers, scientists, poets etc.

    I could go on and on haha

    Source(s): Ethiopian
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    The CAT scan; LODOX (Low-Dosage X-ray machines); Stay Awake Stay Alive sleep detectors (for mining truck drivers); Wondifax adhesive putty; QDrum & Hippo Water Roller; the PlayPump (taking the work out of pumping water in rural Africa); the Boulder Buster (a device that safely and relatively easily breaks up boulders).

    Sub-Saharan African Kingdoms/Empires:

    East Africa: Kush, Nubia, Putland.

    West Africa: Bantu Expansion, Songhai Empire, Benin Empire.

    Central Africa: Kingdom of Luba, Kingdom of Kongo, Kuba Kingdom.

    South Africa: Kingdom of Mutapa, Great Zimbabwe, Zulu Empire.

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    Many things were destroyed through conquest or have yet to be discovered so these things you asked for are unknown due to thee lack of anthropology in certain regions.

    You will have to look up these things on your own. From Nile Valley, Ethiopia, Moors, Timbucktu Niger, Carthage and etc. and And also about African Ancient Egypt. What is wrong with it?

    I don't believe it was the only thing the black race achieved in the Ancient world, for conquerors to be so startled to invent ideologies against black people i believe there is more to be discovered.

    But even if it was, so what? China only had one (Ancient China), same with Korea and many other nations. Why do people expect so much more from us? Why do they see so much potential in black people? It is an African civilization which contributed so much to the world and lasted the longest due to rich land.

    But if you must then you can look up Canaan. It was an extension of Africa in Ancient times and was a African settlement.

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  • 10 years ago

    you can try looking up all the other African civilizations that may have invented things that history does not give us credit for

    Mali Empire

    Great Zimbabwe


    East African Civilizations

    Ashanti Empire

    Benin Empire

    Zulu Empire


    Madagascar Royalty


    good luck in your findings! :)

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