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Blinkers for jumping?

Hello everyone :)

My friend and I went riding earlier today, and I immediately noticed she had blinkers on her horse. We were going off for some show jumping practice, so I asked her why she had those on him. She explained that her horse gets unfocused easily when he jumps, so she uses them on him. He's a lovely Swedish Warmblood, but he tends to be a little scatterbrained.

In all my 15 years of riding, this was the first time that I've seen a horse wearing blinkers for jumping. So it made me curious..

Does anyone here use blinkers for jumping? And would you recommend I try some on one of my Thoroughbreds (who's mind on occasion seems to wander when we're jumping)? He goes alright without blinkers though.

Thanks! :)

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  • Snezzy
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    We've used a hood for certain aspects of training. It does sometimes help to keep a horse from seeing things he shouldn't be looking at, especially so he does not anticipate a whip aide.

    On the other hand, we found that driving with blinkers (to keep the horse from freaking out about the carriage) was generally unnecessary for us, because the horses trusted us and liked the carriages.

    In my opinion using blinkers when jumping is like riding with a harsh bit or a tie-down. It may help, may even be necessary for a particular situation, but in general can indicate the horse or the rider needs better training.

  • Anonymous
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    I would not suggest putting blinkers on any horse that does not absolutely need them. I cannot say if her particular horse needs them or not (he could have other eye issues), but generally it is not a good idea to obstruct the eyesight of a jumper. Some racehorses and trail horses do better with them, and my mother had a horse with an eye injury that caused her to see shadows and a blinker on that side helped decrease her spooking. So, no I would not suggest this for your horse to get him to focus, thats not really a good reason. He may just need more challenging work. All the best!

    Britini: You will have to clear up your spelling errors so it will be easier to understand what you are saying, k? :-)

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    It seems a little risky to me, as the horse won't be able to see any jumps you're approaching at an angle until you're already lined up in front of it. Considering the jump moves into a horse's blind spot when they're actually going over it, the combo means there's not very much time for him to establish where it is and what to do. If the horse seems to do well with them, chances are she's very good at directing him, and he's very trusting that she'll line him up correctly....

    And no, in the somewhere-over-twelve years I've been around horses, I've never heard or seen of people using those on a jumping horse. Very interesting, though I can't recommend it myself....

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Blinkers are primarily used for race horses who get a little spooky or distracted with horses thundering up behind them - but Ive NEVER heard of them on a jumping horse.

    It sounds dangerous to me if Im honest - if her horse gets unfocused its up to HER to reinforce her riding aids to get his mind back to the job in hand. Shes using blinkers as a quick fix method. I would most definately not recommend you go down this route as well


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  • Anonymous
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    blinkers while jumping is dangerous and i suggest that you and your friend do not ride in them.if she can not control the horse and keep his attention on her then she needs to stop jumping and doo flatwork. blinkers restrict the horses vision and sometimes can impaire the horses judgement of distance. what ever you do, do not use blinker for jumping

  • Greg B
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    9 years ago

    ABSOLUTELY NOT! A horse needs the full use of his eyes while jumping. This is an accident waiting to happen.

  • 9 years ago

    In my years of riding I've only had one horse I had to do that with. And those other comments that say it may impare the distance vision of the horse well if the horse isn't ligned up far enough away to "see the distance" than thats the rider's error and he should stop riding. jumping is all about being straight and having time to see and figure the distance out. you have to have the horse focused. But really theres no need to worry about the horses here. its not like they can't jump the lil stuff im sure they're jumping. now if they're competing in the grand prix w/ me they'll of deff bought a better more "focused" horse haha and if i see em i'll set them straight hahaha but just don't freak out over these lil 3' jumps for now. they'll live. everyone trains different.

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