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If white people are "Caucasian" then what are...?

What are black people and Asian people? I think my teacher said asians are mongoloid? Im wanting to know because I want to know what a Native American is classified since it's said that people migrated to the Americas from the land bridge from Asia.

Random I know.

But please!

I need your knowledge!

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    We can classify three broad racial types in the modern world:

    1. CAUCASOIDS: 1,000 million (or 1 billion) people with variable skin colour; white-dark brown. Hair variable, never woolly, body hair often thick. Lips tend to be thin. Three subdivisions exist, the Nordic, the Mediterranean and the Alpine.

    a.) The Nordic group are often tall, blonde and narrow headed - Scandinavia, Baltic, Germany, France, Britain

    b.) The Mediterranean group (Southern France, Spain, Italy and oddly, Wales Egyptians, Semites, Persians, Afghans and some Indians. Lighter in body build, dark and narrow headed.

    c.) The Alpine group extends from the Mediterranean to Asia. Broad headed, square jaws, olive skin, brown hair.

    2. MONGOLOIDS: Most numerous of the present day populations, split into three groups:

    a.) The Eastern Siberians, Eskimos and the Northern American Indians

    b.) The Japanese, Koreans, Chinese

    c.) The Indonesians and Malays

    3. Though this term is considered rude and no longer used, the other is *******: 100 million from Africa south of the Sahara and Melanesians of the S Pacific.

    4. Others. We also have to fit in somewhere the Central African pigmies, the Bushmen and the AUSTRALOIDS (the aborigines of Australia).

    Humans, known taxonomically as Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise man" or "knowing man") ,

    are the only living species in the Homo genus of bipedal primates in Hominidae, "the great ape family". Anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, reaching full behavioral modernity around 50,000 years ago. Humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving; an erect body carriage that frees the hands for manipulating objects, has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species on Earth; humans are social animals and create complex social structures composed of many cooperating and competing groups, from families to nations. With individuals widespread in every continent except Antarctica, humans are a cosmopolitan species. As of August 2010[update], the population of humans was estimated to be about 6.8 billion.[supposedly, 1 for every year the Earth has existed].

    EDIT: I can see now why he uses the name Nothing useful learned in school" because he evidently did not study anthropology. and the Alaskan National Preserve state "Where today there is sea there was once a vast treeless steppe. The Bering Land Bridge allowed the migration of plants and animals, including humans, to spread beyond their home continent. The Bering Land Bridge used to connect Asia to North America. The connection still exists today between the people of Russia and Alaska. About 12,000 calendar years ago, during the Last Ice Age, the water level of the oceans were lower, exposing land that today is under the Bering and Chukchi Seas. During the glacial epoch this was part of a migration route for people, animals, and plants. Most archeologists agree that it was across this Bering Land Bridge, also called Beringia, that humans first passed from Asia to populate the Americas.

    The Bering land bridge was a land bridge roughly 1,000 miles north to south at its greatest extent, which joined present-day Alaska and eastern Siberia at various times during the Pleistocene ice ages. It was NOT glaciated because snowfall was extremely light due to the southwesterly winds from the Pacific Ocean [similar to California's Santa Ana winds] having lost their moisture over the fully glaciated Alaska Range. It is believed that a small human population of at most a few thousand survived the Last Glacial Maximum in Beringia, isolated from its ancestor populations in Asia for at least 5,000 years, before expanding to populate the Americas sometime after 16,500 years ago, during the Late Glacial Maximum as the American glaciers blocking the way southward MELTED.

    Land animals were able to migrate through Beringia as well, bringing mammals that evolved in Asia to North America, mammals such as proboscideans [elephants] and lions, which evolved into now-extinct endemic North American species, and allowing equids [horses] and camelids [camels] that evolved in North America (and later became extinct there) to migrate to Asia. A study published in 2007 in PLoS Genetics, led by University of Michigan and University College London researchers, suggests that the Bering land bridge migration occurred 12,000 years ago, that every human who migrated across the land bridge came from Eastern Siberia, and that every Native American is directly descended from that same group of Eastern Siberian migrants. The authors note a "unique genetic variant widespread in natives across both continents — suggesting that the first humans in the Americas came in a single migration or multiple waves from a single source, not in waves of migrations from different sources".

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    The word "Caucasian" which generally refers to white people is taken from a geographic region called Caucasus, which is at the border of Europe and Asia. Yes, Mongoloid (Asian and this also would include Native Americans) and ******* were the other 2 main races that were defined, but those are old out of date classification terms that are considered offensive by many.

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    I have attempted to answer your question 4 times and every time I have gotten about half way through YA has suddenly flashed a message that I am no longer logged into Yahoo. So I assume I am not to answer it from an Anthropological prospective, which is where the classification of race came from in the 17th and 18th centuries. They were based on several factors one being location of the human group, other factors being physical characteristics.

    The Land bridge theory is an anthropological explanation of the physical similarities of the native people of the American Continents and Asia. Basically is states that thousands of years ago

    the ocean levels were lower and exposure of land of the Bering Straits land to occur allowing both humans and animals to migrate across and down the western coast of Alaska, into Canada and down through the US, Mexico and South America. Although some thing it is pretty far fetched, it is an accepted Anthropological and Archaeological theory.

    I hope I haven't confused you, the theory is rather complex but the basis of it is pretty simple.

    Source(s): Degrees in Physical and Cultural Anthropology
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    I agree wholeheartedly ! All races can be intelligent, it is not "acting white". So you were smart? That doesn't make you any better than those other kids, and they aren't cooler than you. Few people have said that to my face. This is what they did whenever I spoke in class:They asked me if I was mixed ! But only after I said something. I don't use alot of slang. What's wrong with being a nerd? :) But I must say that intelligence is not measured by PHD's! Not everyone wants or needs one. Be the better woman and ignore these people. But acting arrogant and saying how smart you are, just isn'

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  • Others have given all the various "-oids", so I will not bother.

    However, if you read "Red Earth, White Lies" you will find that it would have been impossible for the Indians to have crossed over on that imaginary land bridge from Asia. Why? Because of the glaciers, the high mountains made even higher by those glaciers, and the fact that any one crossing over on that imaginary land bridge would have been forced to carry, for thousands of miles, all of their weapons, tools, shelter, food, and water (glaciers really are not warm!) There would have been no McDonald's, no Pizza Huts along the way, and no vegetables to eat, no animals to hunt. Also, because of the high mountains, covered by as much as another mile of ice, there would have been a problem of breathing.

    If you go to the National Geographics Genotype Program sites, as well as, you will find that Indian DNA is matched by those in NE Asia, SE Asia, NW Europe, Africa...and some that is unique to the Indians.

    Being part Indian, and since my grandfather rode with Red Cloud, I have always had a problem in believing that Indians are Mongoloid, since they don't have squinty eyes or any of the other Asiatic features. Also, at the time the Mayflower landed, with the exception of a few tribes in Africa, Indians were the tallest, healthiest people on the planet. Only 50 years ago, the average Asian was 4'10" for women, 5'4" for men. Read up on Columbus, even the Colonists; few were much more than 5' tall!

    Cherokee legend says that their ancestors came from the North; since they lived in the Appalachians, their ancestors should have come from the West!


    Then there is the problem with words; Mogols are not Chinese, or Japanese, or Koreans...Even though Khengis Khan did a good job of running over those others.

    All Caucasians are not white; all whites are not Caucasians. All black people are not N*****.

    The original people of Japan were white; the Chinese of the Western Provinces have a lot of white blood in them; mummies from hundreds and even thousands of years ago had blond/red hair.

    So, if it is knowledge you seek, start reading factual accounts and forget the fairy tales. E.g., if all people came out of Africa, how were there cave paintings 500,000 years old, when people came out of Africa 100,000 years ago? Surely you have read about those diminutive people dubbed "Hobbits" in SE Asia? The Peking Man and so many others just do not fit into the theories, because there is no proof of their theories.

    Source(s): life; genealogical research; history: facts, not fiction
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    The four defined races are Caucasoid, N e g r o i d, Mongoloid, Australoid. The anthropologist that came up with these definitions did not do so on pigmentation but skull shapes. Not only those originating in Europe considered to be Caucasian but people of the Middle East and India. Straight hair and lack of hirsuteness is common among the Mestizo.

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    there's 4 races MONGOLOID CAUCASIAN ASIAN AND NEGR0ID .. blacks are decended from negroids as are aboriginies... native indians, polynesians, asians, pacific islanders and inuits/eskimo all hade MONGOLOID ancestory... indians, arabs etc have ASIAN decent and caucasoids are.. europeans

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    Black people are called Native Americans...? Ahaha. That's all I got for ya, bud.

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    i find this very interesting ....

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