Do any of you think this is a DISGUSTING video game? BQ: Qur’an Burnings?

What do you think of a video game where you can play as the taliban and kill US troops. I find it tasteless and disgusting. Do these people have any idea that we are in a war and that real people are dying because of the taliban. I find this almost treasonous. I am not a supporter of either of the wars but I do support the men and women serving overseas (if that makes sense). I am not really a political activist but I am STRONGLY considering writing a letter to these game designers.

here is the link:

BQ: What do you think of all the psycos who are going to burn the quaran tomorrow. They are all idiots who obviously have no understanding of Christianity or Islam (they share almost EVERYTHING). Also I think they are selfish to do this nothing good is going to come from this.

here are some links if you havn't heard about this:

and here is a different crazy guy: ( HE IS GOING TO BURN THE AMERICAN FLAG AS WELL-- I do not see the point in that-- that is horrible! I mean he is a horrid man to begin with but an American burning the American flag-- that is F*CKED up. and I am not a super patriot by any means)


I mean it makes me think of this: Technicaly I CAN stick my finger in a light scoket but should I-- probably not...

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    Ok, I have no clue about the whole video gamee thing, but with the Quaran burning.


    Ok, so this is all happening where I live (I live in Gainesville Fl), and basically, it was some stupid idiot with less than 50 followers who wanted a bunch of publicity. And now, surprise surprise, it's been called off.

    It was canceled this morning. Stupid idiot.

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    Eh, seems kind of shady, but people really overreact about videogames. I mean, there was this whole debate about Mass Effect being horribly inappropriate because it had "graphic sex scenes" when the alleged sex scene was actually like an aliens back.

    Also, people made a huge commotion about MW2 because there's one OPTIONAL level where you can be part of a russian group of terrorists and kill innocents.


    when actually the game made a big deal about "this next level may be offensive or disturbing to some players. Would you like to skip it?" etc and you weren't actually a russian terrorist... you were an american spy posing as one. And at the end of the level the russians figure you out and shoot you in the face. sad stuff. I didn't kill any of those innocent airport people <3

    ... although it is just a video game.

    But I agree, the taliban is... not a group anyone would want or should want to roleplay in a video game. That was a bad call by the game developers.

    And the idiot burning the quaran needs to GTFO of america. Like, I'm Christian and this dumbass is making us look bad. This is NOT what Christianity is about.

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    video interest burnings by way of Sandy Hook? regardless of in the event that they banned video games, it won't be able to convey returned the lives of the sufferers. If that's a crappy interest such as massive Rigs and ineffective Island, then i do no longer care. i'm merely sorry for the youngsters by way of fact they have been promised books, yet they gained 15 magazines rather.

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    I'm not a big fan of war/killing themed video games in general. They don't do anyone any good.

    BQ: They have freedom of expression under the first amendment, and I think it's important to defend people's right to freely express themselves whether or not we personally think what they're doing is morally correct. Same thing with burning the flag, and that video game.

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    I'm not really political or anything, but I think America might react in a similar way if they were on our land. We do have video games about killing people, who are sometimes different races and religions, so I guess, we are not any better. It's rude. Yes. But there's really nothing we can do.

    BQ: I have heard that. I think it's stupid.

  • I mean; it's whatever.

    I don't call this war a "war" cause we aren't fighting anything.

    I don't really care for the game but whatever;P

    Whatever people do what people do.

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    who cares.

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