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EGYPT----What was your fave....?

tamseleya this ramadan and which one did u think was the worst

and fave tamseleya song

and what tamseleya's ending really upset you and made u say wow i watched all of that for this lame ending


@esd-- hey i was just gonna message u and ask if that was you lol

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  • 9 years ago
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    Source(s): i don't watch tv in ramadan
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  • 9 years ago

    I dun have fave ones..but I loved Ahl Cairo, Bl Sham3 2l A7mar, 2adeyt Safeya, 3ayza Atgawez (Bs Yasmine Abd El-Aziz kanet hatb2a 2alaz,,Hend Sabri over shwaya..msh mutawaqa3 ya3ni 2n 27na ned7ak 3ala nafs 2l kalam tul 2l shahr!) & 2l Kebir Awi..

    Songs: I loved the songs of Ahl Cairo, 7ekayat w Bn3shha & Mama Fl 2sm...Also loved 2l tetr bta3 2adeyt Safeya though it wasn't a song, it was just music,,but nice!

    Stupid endings: Bara 2l Dunya..w Aghla Mn 7ayatii Ufff Ya3nii Yalahwii 3l Far7aa! Happy Boring Family!..Problems solved, All married...wl 7ayah bambii 2wii ya3nii..! =@ =S

    Bs BGD 2w7sh 7aga f-Ramadan 2l shows 2l 2raf dol..Da7akni Shukran w 100 Messa w 2s3d Allah Msa2akum! NO COMMENT BGD! =S

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  • Passio
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    9 years ago

    Well I watched 3; Bab el Hara 5. Seriously! That ending was so i mean fantastic!!! I can't describe how shocking the ending was!!! It was my most loved one this Ramadan.

    Zahra w Azwega el 5, kan kwayes gedan bardo, bas besara7a mesh 2ad Bab el Hara. W fe akher lahza keda tigey tetgawez el moh7amey.

    I still didn't finish the 3rd one which is Rayesh Na3m, still 2 episodes left because the damn website uploads the episodes late.

    I liked the song at the end of Zahra w Azwega el 5.

    Back to Bab el Hara: waw!!!!!!!

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  • DALLLLLLLLLLL where have u been, this is ESD lol

    my favorite tamsilia was of course El Kebeer Awi

    my favorite song was for Azmet Sokkar

    the ending that upset me was for 3ayza atgawez actually, no homo hahha

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  • 9 years ago


    Ive been watching this whole freakin time totally OBSESSED with it to find out Nada got hit by a car, Barakita became crazy again, Nada wasn't Hossam's father's daughter, Salma is a liar, Mansi never got a hair cut, and Yusef married a disgusting prostitute.

    I'm Furious, if I knew this was gonna happen; I wouldve never watched. I like happy endings. This was whack whatever.

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  • Al
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    9 years ago

    to be honest, the only shows I was remotely following were Elgama3a and 3ayza atgawez.

    Elgam3a ended abruptly, but that's coz they were setting the pace for the next season.

    3ayza atgawez ended on an insanely stupid note, 2al 6ar 2al!!

    I also watched a couple of yosra's show and I have no clue what happened there.

    The other shows, no idea.

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  • I only watched Bab el Hara, Zohra w azwagha el khamsa and shar el noufous.

    To be honest, I liked all three. Zohra was sometimes silly though.

    I disliked 3ayza atgawwez.

    fave tamseleya song: the ending song of Zohra w azwagha el khamsa

    Bab el hara's ending: 5 YEARS WAITING FOR THIS ENDING. it took them too long to end it.

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  • 9 years ago

    Best tamseleya with the worst ending: El 3ar (best tamseleya in a long time)

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  • 9 years ago

    Lame ending akeed : barra al donya . mosalsal hindy 2aleb 3la Turkey be touch masry !!

    Fav : ana matb3tsh mosalsal kamel bas Al gama3a and Ahl Cairo were nice.

    Song: Ahl Cairo's - mama fel esm's....masm3tsh ba2y al tetrat bsra7a

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    fave tamseleya:3ayza agawez

    wrost:ahl cairo da kan mo2ref

    lame ending:el 3ar...

    song:bta3t el gama3a...i think el song bta3t 3omar 5airat im not sure

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  • E.P
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    9 years ago

    Fav : I loved ahl cairo wel 3ar :D

    Worst : el leeth wel ketab...knt bashoof mno 5 mins bat2ref ... :@

    Fav song : law 2olt ..haytmse7 beya el ard tary2a...i m not saying it !

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