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Symptoms, any answers?!?!?!?!?!?!!?


May-Period was 24-30

June-I had a spontaneous abortion

July-Period was 1-7

August-I honestly can not recall if I had a period.

September-No period yet

Last week I had this 'feeling' like my period was coming that week.If your a girl you know what I mean, you just kinda know. Especially when you've had it for years. It never came.


Solid ones would be the bloated I feel, I had mild cramping on one side(I don't usually get cramps for my period), my breasts are EXTREMELY tender to touch so much so that if I'm not in a bra I'm in pain they feel heavier and everything, I had pain(not discomfort actual pain) during intercourse I never have had EVER before, and the last three times I've had sex I get this faint faint pink when I clean myself up after kinda light bloody discharge stuff.

Not so solid: Indigestion, super taste buds(today for ex I was eating chilli cheese fries with my friend and when I took a bite it tasted like **** and i immideantly had to spit it out and felt like vommiting, she ate some it was fine, then got one she didn't like the taste of said it was kinda grainey but no where near the same reaction as mine) I seem to be constipated and I'm peeing a little more then usual.

I don't want to take a pregnancy test just yet, I want to wait a little bit, but I was curious what you guys thought.

Yes its unprotected sex.

So?? Please just best opinions.


ummm a spontaneous abortion isnt a choice for one. Two im married and trying to concieve sooooo. yeah thanks a hoot.

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    yes you could be pregnant, but like loads of people are going to say to you, take the test as soon as possible , before its too late to make the choice you had to before, if you are then you got 3 choices 1)bringing the baby up...2) abortion 3) adoption,, you most likerly know them already , if you got pregnant once already , why again?? im not against abortion, as i could be pregnant and im considering abortion , but you cant keep having them , it isnt fair, yes you made a mistake before, every one makes mistakes, but all your doing is reapeating yourself over and over again, have a quick think about what im saying, im 16 and already i know the right things

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