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Is this normal for a pregnant woman(coming from her boyfriend)?

My girlfriend and I live together. I love her but she's pregnant and I can't say two words to her without either making her cry or making her mad at me. But if I say nothing,she starts crying then too. I mean what am I supposed to do? And she's gotten to the point where she finds my clothes more comfortable than hers,I want her to be comfortable but she wears more of my clothes and more often than I do(besides my uniform for work). She's bought bigger clothes but she's probably worn them maybe 5 times(she's not that far along so maternity would be too big right now).

Is this normal for a pregnant woman and what is the father of the baby and boyfriend supposed to do when she's like this,especially if they live together? And how can I keep her out of my clothes or should I just buy more clothes for myself?

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    This is perfectly normal for a pregnant woman, her hormones are all over the place right now, and well it will make her feel useless fat insecure, and well damn right moody for no reason, she won't realise she is being moody, What she needs is for you to be there for her, i know it is not nice to see this and well you can not do right for doing wrong, You also need to try to understand and well accept that this is not her talking it is her hormones, My partner has not been so understanding it has been all him and how he feels and how he feels unloved etc and well aparently he can't cope with how my moods are, all this has done is made me worse,

    What you could do is treat her every now and then and show her you love her and that you understand and that you are going no where, and that also you will need to think more as well all i can say is stupid little things irritate me with my partner things like leaving the toilet seat up, just stupid things, things i would normally laugh at get me wound up and well he can not do right for doing wrong,

    Just be patient as it will get better and worth it in the end

    As for your clothes well if she is comfortable let her wear them it is harming no 1, but why don't you ask her if she wants you to take her shopping and take her to a store where they sell maternity clothes, she may see something that lifts her mood alittle, tell her you want to treat her and make her feel like a princess,

    Another thing you can do is actually tell her how good she looks in your clothes trust me when a woman is pregnant she will feel as though she is more a mess an well being treated and complimented sometimes is very mood lifting, just don't over do it or she may think you don't mean it,

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    Well, just sit her down and say how much you love her and that you know she's feeling the hormones and if she needs to cry then go for it. Tell her you hope she knows that you wouldn't do or say or not do or not say something that might upset her. Let her wear your clothes... get into sharing. You're about to have a really wild change come into your life. Plus, it's no big deal, she'll wash them. Save your money because you'll need it, unless you're independently wealthy, then by all means, blow it on some new clothes. :) Also, go with her to buy something for the baby's room at about six months. It will make her feel good and you can share in the anticipation of the baby's arrival. Look online on ebay and so on for good quality discount baby stuff and clothes, older sizes than newborn because the baby will be out of those in a jiffy. Stop by Home Depot or a hardware store and pick up some color swatches for the baby's room and bring it home. I think that sometimes women get more emotional because they are doing the bulk of planning, etc. as well as carrying the baby and you can't party, can't eat a lot of things, body feels awful, morning sickness, etc. So, also, make a point to take her out to dinner once every week or two. It gives her a break and is a night out.

    Good luck. When things get tough, just take a deep breath and put on a smile and get her to do the same. Pregnancy is not an easy experience for most women.

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    Don't worry, it is completely normal! My husband went through it twice, and I promise you, it gets better. The first time the crying bout occurred because of something going on (and, to be honest, several times since) all he could do was sit there and hold me until the crying stopped. It really is just the hormones, like everyone will tell you. Just try to be patient and calm with her, it will pass with time. I know it can be trying, but just remember, you love her and she loves you.

    I am not surprised that she finds your clothes more comfortable than her own. To be honest, I'm surprised that it took pregnancy for that to happen. Again, my husband can tell you, it just comes with the territory. She will move into maternity clothes eventually, and she will most likely have that one incredibly comfortable outfit that you'll see her in 1,000 times before the baby is born. But, if she can fit in your clothes at all, just go ahead and start expecting for her to change out of the maternity clothes into yours as soon as she is home.

    Good luck!

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    lol ~ sorry your going thru this ! So you know, for most women this is just a stage and she will get out of it. Most women don't go thru the whole pregnacy total emotional wacko's ! I would say go with it for now and be understanding all sorts of stuff is happening that you have NO clue an nor does she !

    BUT don't over do it because (well you know her) some women have been know to over do it and become spoiled to the "over attention " and become full term nightmares ! Just be kind and patient!

    The cloths ... if buy new ones ~ those will be hers too ! You just either go with it or ask nicely if she wouldn't. If she gets mad oh well. She's pregnant , doesn't mean she can now own your stuff :D

    Good Luck and Congrats !

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    The extra hormones are really hard on some women. Mood swings are very common during pregnancy, and the best advice I can give you on the subject is try to be as understanding as possible. She can't help what her body is doing to her emotionally, just try and be there to support her.

    As for clothing, why don't you take her out shopping for some maternity clothes? Not only will they be more comfortable, they will be much better looking on her than your clothes.

    Good luck.

  • Well I am 39 weeks pregnant and I never really cried or snap at my boyfriend for him saying something. I usually warn him when I am hormonal and everything is getting on my nerves. I am sure that by the second trimester she will calm down. She is having trouble with all the new hormones and that is to be expected. I would not worry about her wearing your clothes, it won't last very long, but if you want to use it as an excuse to get new clothing go for it.

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    just try and put up with her. try and be really sweet even though she's sensitive. unfortunately, this will probably last through-out the entire pregnancy. its hard work, being pregnant! emotionally AND physically. just try and put up with it. she could get maternity clothes still, even if she isnt that far along. they'd feel a lot better than the clothing she has for herself now, and maybe you'll get lucky and she'll find soem maternity stuff thats more comfy than your clothing!

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    It's normal. Her hormones are completely whacked right now, thus making her a little whacked as well. Ups and downs and in betweens ... totally normal. And how you're feeling is totally normal as well so don't worry about that either. As for the clothes, big deal, so she likes to lounge in your stuff. Since it's bigger, it's more comfortable for her. When I was pregnant, I couldn't stand anything even remotely snug anywhere on my body. I wore my husband's tshirts and boxers often because they seemed to fit nicer. It's not going to last for long so just remember to breathe and relax. Your relaxation and ability to stay calm will help her through this time too.

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    I'v never been pregnant yet but people and books and tv and everything is always talking about pregnant women and how they get really emotional. I mean, If we get emotional just when we're on our periods than it's gonna be 10X worse when we're pregnant. Hormones get really screwed up when your pregnant. Some people end up with anxiety or depression problems after they have their baby, like postpartum depression, but that can be helped with treatment.

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    I think it's just a pregnancy thing, I have the exact same dreams about my husband and I know he isn't cheating on me. We havent been intimate in a while because of pregnancy problems, and I always feel ugly I think that's why I have those dreams just tell you b/f to pay more attention to you and the dreams will eventually go away.

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