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What is this movie's name?

the movie is about an alien who sucks the life force from people....except the alien is just a naked girl (shes naked the entire movie) and she takes the life force from people by seducing them...oh and its british...this movie is british syfy porn

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    Lifeforce (1985)

    starring Steve Railsback, Peter Firth, Frank Finlay, Mathilda May (who spends her screentime unclothed), Patrick Stewart

    IMDb synopsis:

    Halley's Comet returns to the solar system and the English/American team aboard the shuttle Churchill, making a close-up survey of the comet, discovers an alien spacecraft in the head of the comet. Inside the spacecraft are some large batlike creatures and, surprisingly, two men and a woman. The "Churchill" takes the humans and a creature back to Earth. There the bosses of the project are amazed to find the shuttle burnt out and all but one of the crew, Carlsen, dead. The humans from the spacecraft suddenly awake and all those who come into contact with them are drained of their "lifeforce" and in time all the victims~including most of the population of London~are turned into walking corpses, all preying on the horrified survivors for their lifeforce. It's up to Carlsen and Major Caine of the SAS to stop them before the whole world turns into a big blood-hunt.

    Here's the movie trailer:

    Youtube thumbnail

    By the way, the movie is NOT pornographic; there are no sex scenes, only the nudity of the aliens, the space vampires (which is the title of the Colin Wilson novel on which the film is based). Directed by Tobe Hooper, it did fairly decent at the box office. I saw it at the drive-in, and we wondered if Halley's Comet actually would look like that. Sadly, atmospheric conditions meant that much of the world's population would not get a view of this historic event.

    Source(s): You can view it at IMDb by clicking on "Watch It" in the left-hand column.
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    "The Alien Female Suck does London"

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    "Species" maybe? had that smokin hot blonde chick.@

    @icankickyourass: hahaha. Most of the questions on here could be answered by just going to google instead of yahoo answers

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    Species maybe

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    google it

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