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I have no life, no friends and live a sad, useless existence. Is there any reason to stay alive?

Honestly, if I crawled into a corner and died tomorrow, nobody would care. My life consists of going to college, studying and going home and sitting in my room. I have such a pathetic life. I have no friends that I really talk to anymore, and I have no social life whatsoever. I turn 21 next year and probably won't do anything except sit at home and watch TV.

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    Life is what we make of it, so it is really YOU yourself who give your life a purpose. If you feel you need friends, go out and make friends. If this is difficult for you, look up for ways to make friends. There are many sites that give good tips. If you think you need to pep up your life, go out, get a hobby, try something new, be brave and explore. You will not change your life if you don't try.Ultimately, it is down to you to make the effort to do something about it. Sometimes the best way to feel cared for is to go out there and share your love with people (that's why people who volunteer at old folks' homes, shelters or orphanages find joy in what they do - the more love they give, the more loved they feel).

    But having a busy social life and having thousands of friends will not make you happier or less pathetic. Try to rethink your values on what is 'pathetic'. Whose values and perspectives are you basing your assumptions on? Who's to say your life is pathetic? Some people have very few friends and don't go out much and can still enjoy their lives because they acknowledge that they don't need to be part of the crowd to be happy or have fulfilling lives.

    Also, if you still have family who give you food and shelter and don't abuse you, it's unfair to say nobody cares.

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    Find a hobby. People are so depressed just because they don't have a social life or no friends. Friends and a social life aren't everything. I say you should take all your free time and use it to reflect on yourself. Why do you feel like you have a pathetic life? Why you just sit in your room? Why not go online, play video games, read? Why don't you have a social life and no friends?

    Don't just take your life just because it's boring or pathetic. Most people are doing the same thing and still haven't taken their lives so why should you? But you can if you want. I'm not going to stop you or really care if you do do it. It's all up to you.

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    The reason to stay alive is so you can change all that. NOBODY has to live like the way you are, there are roughly 6 billion people on this planet and im sure out of all those you can find even just one good friend/companion. People face great difficulties in life, the challenge is over coming them. Go to youth clubs, get a hobbie, join a sports team, learn an instrument anything that offers social oppurtunity and a sense of purpose. Dont say stupid things like 'Is there any reason to stay alive?'. you have your whole life to look forward to, make something off it!

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    OK; then I think you need to start living. If you don't do anything but sit at home and watch TV, who's fault is that? Start living your life; go out, do things, find things you want and work to get them. Talk to people again. What are you afraid of?

    Also, you sound quite depressed so it might help to talk to someone about it, like a counsellor. Drag yourself out of this rut, it's no one else's responsibility to fix your life for you. You say you have no reason to stay alive but you only live once so why not make the most of it?

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    your not the only person who feels this way trust me just because you have very few friends and no social does not make you any less pathetic than anyone else life is'nt just about having a great social life and a great group of friends there is people in this world who have none of that and are completely happy with the way there life is. life is also how you make it things wont always be the same

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    Karen, remember that you will go through points in life feeling like you want to disappear. Other times, you may feel like you want to jump so high you want to touch the stars. Life will never always be the way you would wish it to be. Staying alive is what we humans choose to do and we do it with all our strength. That is what makes you so special. No matter where you are in life, we as humans fight to live, to breathe, and you can overcome whatever obstacles that you may face. Some days, I find myself asking Why am I here? When nature decides to take you away, naturally, when that day comes, you will know :) No day is like any other. Stay with those feelings and know that nothing in life is permanent. Eventually, our spirit will be set free :) Be peaceful, be happy dear.

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    It'll get better. Probably not as soon as you'd like, seldom does, but I bet it will.

    To answer your question, If for no other reason, there is always a reason to stay alive... help others, make the world better. Try to make it so that others aren't sad...

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    do some volunteer work in your spare time such as a lifeguard, it will keep you social and you will meet lots of new people :)

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    be Honest.... GO out Tell people your shy or what ever problem maybe have a drink or whatever, I walked up to a girl i didnt even know told her almost exactly what you told me, we became best friends and more. It take s just that small effort a view honest words

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    I am in the same boat as you are. computer games and my cats are the only things that keep me going. just don't let it get a hold on you think of positive things. (Your going to college, that's something.) I don't don't go to college.

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