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help me check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistake. help edit? please!!?

3. Zinczenko’s personal story in paragraphs 3 and 4 does support his argument. The story supports his argument because he provides an example of how fast-food companies are partially at fault for the obesity rate in America. This is due to the fast-food corporations’ prevalence and affordable price. The other story tells of a positive change in his diet, which helped his weight loss. However, other children might not be so lucky. Still, the very same story can be used to support an argument opposed to Zinczenko. As an example, a person can point out that the parents are to blame, not providing or teaching their kid proper nutrition.


............paragraphs 3 and 4 does support ........ does= do????

...This is due to the fast-food corporations’ prevalence and affordable .... corporations'?????? is that correct?

thanks! much appreciated

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    I think it should be does because you are referring to a single story, rather than multiple stories that do support.

    I think fast-food corporations' is correct, but I would drop the "the" before it.

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