any cool names for a female vampire for a book?

i like to write so um yeah no mean things please i need an abnormal or not normal last name for a girl named emily. i also need names for the other characters

so um yeah please include ideas for the book and remember i like mystery and murder plus if you include a name, please try and make a frist and last name, but you dont have to. thanks. im allison, so be happy cuz i will be famous soon very soon plus so will my bro hes an artist. no questions about me or my bro. please. but my bro likes to solve probs more, so he might be a doctor. actually he says he will thanks anyway


for the first one who answered, i like hathaway and stone. thank you for the compliment on our cat amanda. she is 17, very old. she loved people!

Update 2:

i mean she loves people

Update 3:

bookcat, i love the elizabeth and sapphire. thanks

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  • 10 years ago
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    Emily Samson

    Emily Delacroix

    Emily Serina

    Emily Fabian

    Emily Pyrewoods

    Emily Flinwoods

    Emily Daemon

    Emily Matos

    Emily Moore

    Emily Colt

    Emily Sinclair

    Emily Portorreal

    Emily Nuez

    Emily Pacheco

    Emily Jagdeo

    Emily Phoenix

    Emily Zapata

    Emily Delmian


    Elexedy Reynoso

    Lexsy Sintara

    Bernadette Pizzolli

    Darla Mae Reyes

    Helena Quinten

    Samara Harris

    Damien Brovado

    Nicolas Lawson

    Lillith Mary Lewis

    Louie Benson

    Benjamin Isaac Braylen

    Jensen Daniels

    Samuel Henrickson

    Hendrix Colten

    Magdalena Parilla

    Brandon Derek Simmons

    Selenis Memedosca

    Luxianna Bolton

    Elias Roberto Santana

    Naixtza Judith Ravina

    Roxanna Chowdry

    Marciela Morrison

    Ivy Leigh Markson

    Dahlia Johannes

    Stuart James Castillo

    Maxwell Kevin Jottensburg

    Xiomara Greene

    Vincento Luzzoli

    Bella Lugosi

    Dayanna Sampson

    Camille Davison

    Eremiah Dawson

    Dimitrius Beckford

    Maximilian Ethan Korben

    Rebekah Ruiz

    Zabrina Eloise Sertana

    Evian Matthieu Jiantu

    Andrei Colmado

    Lexus Salcedo

    Kassandra Marie Johnson

    Joanna Beth Crusamill

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  • 10 years ago

    Emily Watson

    Emily Stone

    Emily Woods

    Emily Hathaway

    that cat's cute!

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Emily Hail

    Emily Stockman

    Emily Warren

    Emily Wright


    Andrew Jones

    Shannon Moore

    Shyra Maxwell

    Kate Richards

    I'm just making total guesses, Hope this helped. btw you should use a name from your family and make them as a character or something.

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  • 10 years ago

    Last names:




    First names:





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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    isn't it kinda... hokey, i guess, to need an 'abnormal' name?

    anyway, last names for emilie:









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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    ginger,cecilia,autumn,carmilla,velvet,severina,emma,mia,ella raven,victoria,chastity,lana,rose,alice,ethel,constance,serena,...

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