Why are Muslims not up in arms over other atrocities in their own countries?

Let me preface by saying I am completely against this act of ignorance.But ask yourselves,why do they take to the streets over the burning of a couple of hundred books,by a man who is a definite minority,in his actions,and not when the Taliban or Al Qeada blow up a Mosque while people pray,or bomb a school killing women and children? Is the act of one ignorant man in America more important to protest and cause bloodshed over,than the killing of your own people,by people of your own religion,I don't get i


@ Matt;Not talking about Americans,I'm talking about Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iran.They outnumber these criminals immensely.I would be more concerned w/ an immediate threat in my country,than some southern so called preacher w/ a following of 50.Wouldn't you say

Update 2:

@ socks: Because he was more likely to use them.We have outlawed the use of them,and you just cant throw them in the garbage,so they must be maintained somehow.

Update 3:

@ Avocado;Your right on,misdirected anger.And I'm glad we finally agreed on something, because your wrath is strong.lol

Update 4:

@ Socks; You are confused. I dont blame you for hiding your answers,as you probably would embarrass yourself. it is against the Geneva convention for anyone to use chemical weapons,in war.And we keep nuclear weapons(which I wasn't even referring to)as a deterrent to the others who also have enough to destroy the world.Both sides have recognized we went to far,and are decreasing their missiles accordingly,try reading sometime.

Update 5:

@ Socks;Your words"And I am a Muslim. you will die of heart attack then. look into your own policies first. its good for Americans but hateful for other living in the world especially the Muslim world". I will die of heart attack?Who is the hateful one?you are angered by the truth ,it is obvious.Your last sentence makes no sense,good for Americans but hateful for other? What the heck does that mean?We did not start anything the Extremist did.We just poke back harder that's all.and we don't let up.

Update 6:

@ Sock;you erase your rhetoric,and write victory? Try educating yourself,your emotions are overcoming you.

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    Source(s): ----------VICTORY----------- Extremist Christians lost this war. LOL. No more Burn Quran Day
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    The muslims who are in uproar about the Mosque burning day are AMERICAN muslims. "Their own [country]" in this context here IS America. If we get into the whole ethnic side of things, then I better start referring to you as a European, and ask why you're getting so defensive over a man all the way over in the US threatening to burn holy texts while we in England have problems like the BNP brainwashing people and blaming ethnic minorities for all of our faults.

    Update: Ah, I see now. In that case, I totally agree with you.

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    *Sigh*, I wonder the same thing.... I don't get it either..... they want people to stay out of THEIR business yet scream HELP , and when they get it, and I am not just referring to Iran and Iraq, they scream and whine and hang us in effigy and burn and kill, all because American did__________, *fill in the blank*...... I will stand by the motto : If you don't LOVE this country go HOME ! Where ever that may be...... this is America, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, we don't stone our children or wives for being HUMAN and making mistakes and choices..... A book is a book..... It is WORDS on PAPER..... The belief and faith is in OUR HEARTS......Yes, this silly pastor is being a jerk, but he is allowed to be a jerk in this country... He is NOT doing anything that others have not done, may do in the future, it may not be by burning a book, but in some form or fashion we have or will PROTEST what we see as WRONG ....... sooooooo..... I for one will NOT let *others* , meaning another country tell me how to live MY LIFE in MY COUNTRY !! go in peace.....God bless

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    It's called misdirection.

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