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Is the confederate flag racist?

Considering the confederacy tried to break away from the Union, and the fact that they supported slavery. Furthermore the confederate states adopted black codes and then Jim Crow laws. Actually today these states support the articles of confederation rather than the constitution due to the argument of state rights over federal authority. How is the confederate flag not considered racist?

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    No,because flags have no opinions.

    The United States supported slavery, segregation, and many other things. Does that make the Unites States flag racist? I say no.

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    There are plenty of ignorant people who will respond with ignorance, or emotion, to the question. This is true of any question involving the Confederate battle flag (not the "Stars and Bars", which was a wholly different flag). The truth, though, is that the flag is certainly not "racist". It's easy to put a label like that on anything these days. It's just a term that really has no meaning, but is used to silence those who disagree with you. Read what Charles Dickens, Lord Acton, and others had to say about the war. It wasn't about slavery. It was about the right of self determination--the same thing that the Colonials fought the Revolutionary War over.

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    The Confederate flag was created when they split from the Union. It represented their beliefs, which included that slavery was completely acceptable, and that they could be on their own with their ideals. Although the flag is mainly a symbol of the states that made up the Confederacy, it also symbolizes that slavery was one of the reasons why they split off and created this flag for themselves. It was a sign of the split, the reasons for the split, and the war.

    I don't think it should be considered racist. People want to use it as a modern symbol of Southern Pride. But people still associate it with their promotion of slavery around the war. And that's something that doesn't just go away so easily...

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    Absolutley not. The Confederate flag represents the South. A black kid in my economics class has the flag tattooed to his arm. Liberals say that the flag is for racist gun loving right-wing nut jobs (i guess i am one then). But i say to them that the DEMOCRATIC praty was the party of slavery. They wanted slaves, they broke off from the union. It was the democrats that were the racists, not the Republicans.If anyone is racist its the Democratic party.

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  • There are a lot of misconceptions about the confederate flag. It is a representation of the South. However there are people whom are racist that use the flag as there symbol. We really need to get past the racist issue. As long as there are humans on this planet, there will be racism.

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    No more than the Democrat party is.

    But I do not fly the confederate flag or the union flag. I fly the American flag - 13 stars, 50 stripes. I think we all should.

  • Rok
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    The Confederate flag is not only a symbol of racism (its disrespects another race. Thousands of slaves were beaten and slaughtered under that flag) its also unpatriotic. The Confederacy was anti-Union, or anti- American. So I would think that is unpatriotic. Alot of folks who are not people of color disagree because its not them or their ancestors who were oppressed.

    EDIT: Why does a certain region of the country need a flag to represent themselves??? Isn't that's what the U.S. flag is for??? An excuse for a symbol of racism and rebellion!!

  • Frank
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    it depends on your perspective. for some it is just a flag and part of their culture, some it is a statement of the revolution and all the prejudice that goes with it. i live in florida and i would never consider having anything to do with that flag. speaking in generalities it is a white trailer trash deal. you know who i am talking about, the toothless, chain smoking cousin marrying, mullet wearing, meth smoking racists.

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  • ?
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    It's a symbol of Southern pride, and has nothing to do with race. 95% of Civil War Southerners never owned a slave.

  • Pete T
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    It is only a racist symbol to racist thinking yankees.

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