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What does it mean to dream of driving in pouring rain?

Normally my dreams are spaced out and crazy and I only remember bits and pieces but this one was very clear.

I was driving to work late at night and it was pouring my windshield wipers cant get the water off fast enough almost impossible to see. then there is a truck in front of me sloshing green water on my car so i speed past him to get away from the green water. by then i am almost to work and the dream is over

What the heck does that mean? the fact that i remember it so vividly is what makes me question. thanks.


Nemo, I respect your opinion but dont you find it the least bit rude to the few people responding to this question that do beleive in dream interpretation? Time and place for everything and this is not the place.

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    Dream interpretation is stupid.

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    Psychological Meaning: Rain usually represents cleansing and purification. It can also represent the release of tension that comes after a storm or a period of crying. Rain replenishes and brings fertility so it may also symbolise that you are opening to a new phase of personal growth in your life. Your dream says ‘Don’t worry for soon the grey clouds will be gone and light will shine in your life once more.’ Mystical Meaning: To dream of rain is generally considered a good omen unless of course the rain is falling on cattle for this means a business loss of some kind.

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    To be out in a clear shower of rain, denotes that pleasure will be enjoyed with the zest of youth, and prosperity will come to you. If the rain descends from murky clouds, you will feel alarmed over the graveness of your undertakings. To see and hear rain approaching, and you escape being wet, you will succeed in your plans, and your designs will mature rapidly. To be sitting in the house and see through the window a downpour of rain, denotes that you will possess fortune, and passionate love will be requited. To hear the patter of rain on the roof, denotes a realization of domestic bliss and joy. Fortune will come in a small way. To dream that your house is leaking during a rain, if the water is clear, foretells that illicit pleasure will come to you rather unexpectedly; but if filthy or muddy, you may expect the reverse, and also exposure. To find yourself regretting some duty unperformed while listening to the rain, denotes that you will seek pleasure at the expense of another's sense of propriety and justice. To see it rain on others, foretells that you will exclude friends from your confidence. For a young woman to dream of getting her clothes wet and soiled while out in a rain, denotes that she will entertain some person indiscreetly, and will suffer the suspicions of friends for the unwise yielding to foolish enjoyments. To see it raining on farm stock, foretells disappointment in business, and unpleasantness in social circles. Stormy rains are always unfortunate.

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    Water usually represents your emotions, so it could be possible that you feel as if you're overwhelmed with emotion or stress or something like that. The darker the water, the more intense the emotions are.

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    It suggests that you're overworked. You're taking on too many tasks and are weighed down by all the responsibilities driving yourself too hard at work.

    You're also trying to get through some emotional turmoil.

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    The dream is about your vision being obscured. You're not seeing something in your daily life that you should be noticing.

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    It means you have to pee.

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