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fashion tips for petite/pear-shaped women?

I'm 19 and really petite (5'2"/96lbs) but I'm also pear-shaped. My hips/thighs/butt aren't big but slightly bigger than my upper body. I have a tiny waist, broad shoulders and small chest.

There are usually tips on how to dress for petite women and tips for pear shaped women but no tips for women who are petite AND pear shaped.

Does anyone know any great fashion tips the could give me for my body type?

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    straight pants or short shorts (too make you look taller) and shirts with a belt on top

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    Stay away from long skirts cos they make you look even shorter. Also horizontal stripes, colour block dresses and clothes with a lot of big and bright patterns all over will make you look shorter too. I think tunics or mini dresses would suit your shape. Preferably in light colours and with very little pattern, or if you have to have patterns, a ditsy print would be good. Plain clothes are the best for short people because they elongate the body. A drop waist dress or hipster belt is also good cos it too elongates your torso. Wedges are also perfect as they make your legs took really long and they look lush in summer with shorts and little strappy vests. Hope that helps.

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    And heals

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