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Need a name!!! I make headbands, flowers clips, etc, I want it 2 b about my kids, Jacey Lathan & Kynleigh!!?

Well this is obviously my first time doing this cuz I tried to sum everything up into one sentence!! Well like I said before, i make headbands, flowers clips, bows, etc and I need a catchy name!! i usually can come up with it very easily but I am struggling with this one! I want it to include my 3 children if possible!! My name is Shannon and my kids names are Jacey, my son lathan, and my youngest daughter Kynleigh!! I would appreciate any ideas that you have!! Thank you!!

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    JLK Accsesories

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    Jack Cameron Eva Charlotte Aaron Caleb Austin Andrew Felicity Elizabeth Hunter Matthew Leeland Ryan Lydia Catherine Micah Logan Emily Ruth Isaac James Nathan Charles Owen David Zachariah Ethan Jack, Evie, Aaron, Austin, Libby, Hunter, Leeland, Lydia, Micah, Emily, Issac, Nate, Owen, Zach

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