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what lizard should i get for my birthday?

i was thinking about getting two leopard geckos for my birthday since there is a reptile expo in town two days after my birthday but i was wandering what other lizards i could get instead of leopard geckos. Are sandfish skinks easy to care for because i am very intereted in them. What other types of skinks are there that do not require a large habitat. I already have a bearded dragon whose name is Jax. I also have an eastern painted turtle and an african side necked turtle. Are african fat tailed geckos easy to care for? What lizard does not require a huge habitat? Since i am going to a reptile expo there will be a large variety of reptiles so please tell me what lizard i should get. I really want a skink.

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    I have a pair of sandfish; very cool little things!

    They are great fun to watch feeding and are beautiful little animals, but are pretty shy and you might not see them for days on end as they hide away under the sand.

    They arent as tolerant of handling as leos, but with enough time and effort can be handled for short periods

    Berber skinks are very nice little guys but really need tanks similar to bearded dragon size

    AFTs are pretty easy to care for - very similar to leopard gecko care, just with higher humidity.

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    I love crested geckos. They do require humidity, and they eat both animal and plant matter, but otherwise they are pretty simple to care for. If you are looking to the "next level" of reptile keeping, I recommend the crested gecko.

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    You consult a vet

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