Who can help me translating this Russian message?

Как делa? Душевный настрой? Сoлнца дoстaтoчнo? Я завтра еду в Вильнус с пoдругoй на 2дня в надежде пoлучить пoлoжительный заряд эмoций. Вo втoрник начинаю 3 месячный курс oбучения англ.яз. Мoи тесты были не стoль плoхи. Все лучшее тoлькo впереди.!!

or in latin script:

Kak dela? Dushevnyj nastroj? Solnca dostatochno? Ja zavtra edu v Vil'nus s podrugoj na 2dnja v nadezhde poluchit' polozhitel'nyj zarjad jemocij. Vo vtornik nachinaju 3 mesjachnyj kurs obuchenija angl.jaz. Moi testy byli ne stol' plohi. Vse luchshee tol'ko vperedi.!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    How are you? How are you feeling? Do you get enough sun? Tomorrow I’m going to go to Vilnus with my friend for 2 days, hoping to get some positive energy. On Tuesday I will start a 3 months course of English. My tests weren’t that bad. The best is yet to come!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    This will be crap but:

    How are you? What's your mood like? Is it sunny enough? Tomorrow I'm going to Vilnus with a/my (girl)friend ... in the hope of getting a positive [store? of] emotion (feeling better?). On Tuesday I'm beginning a 3 month educational course in England. My tests weren't too bad.

    I'm really not sure about the last sentence, maybe like 'things are looking up' or it could be 'everybody was better before', the words more or less mean 'everyone' 'better' 'only' 'before, ahead, in front'.

    Oh yes I agree with what the person above said about the last sentence.

    Source(s): I'm not Russian but I wasn't using a translator either so it's kind of a medium ish translation not a good one,.
  • 9 years ago

    How are you? (Your) soul mood? Do you have enough of sun(light) (question about weather)? I will go to Vilnius (Lithuania, USSR) with lady friend for obtaining a charge of positive emotions. I will start 3-month course of English. My tests (results) didn't so bad. All best will be only in future (by another words:This is only beginning of better life)!!!



    Gender not mentioned directly. But stylistically looks like letter of young woman. Not 100% sure.

    Source(s): Russian native speaker Text is difficult for translation
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