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Nur Jahan, Shah Jahan, and Aurangzeb's contributions (good and bad) to the Mongol Empire?

I need 3 good things and 3 bad things of each persons contributions. Any help?

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    I. Nur Jahan

    Good things.

    a. She invented Rose perfume.

    b. Most beautiful in all Mughal Queens.

    c. She Play very important roll during Jahangir court.

    d. She built "baby Taj" in Agra.

    e. she introduce inlaid work in India.

    Bad thing.

    a. She was over ambitious. She want to capture Kingdom.

    b. She create conspiracy agents Shah Jahan.

    2. Shah Jahan.

    Good Things

    a. He built Taj Mahal, Red fort(Delhi fort), Jama Masjid at Delhi.

    b. He known as "prince of buildings".

    c. He was the richest person of the world at that time, he use to wear one necklace and one bracelet cost 1.5 million Rs. at that time at that time gold was Rs 10/gr now days approx 19000 Rs 10/gr.

    Bad Things.

    a. He waist a lot of royal treasure on Taj Mahal construction. (40 million Rs at that time)

    b. During the rain of Shah Jahan Mughal lost "Kandahar".

    c. Shah Jahan revolts against Jahangir.

    3. Aurangzeb

    Good things.

    a. He didn't drink wine, drug etc like other Mughals.

    b. He donate money for Hindu temple in Vrindavana for reconstruction.

    c. No. of Hindu Mansabdars where higher then other Mughal in Aurangzeb court.

    Bad things.

    a. He was orthodox.

    b. He destroyed Hindu Temples.

    c. He was over ambitious so, he killed his 2 brother in war, and dethrone his father, and send him impressment.

    hope the information is sufficient for you.

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    Shah Jahan Aurangzeb

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    Shah Jahan was responsible fro buildings.

    Noor Jahan (one of the wives of Jahan Gir was responsible for planning Gardens.

    Aurangzeb Destroy the Mugal Empire being unfriendly to wards thae non-muslims.

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    Lol @ above..


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