Please explain my eye prescription: O.D. sph -0.75 cyl -0.50 axis 170. O.S sph -o.50 cyl -0.75 axis 180?

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O.D. = Right eye
-0.75 = three quarters of a diopter sphere for myopia
-0.50 = half a diopter of cylinder for astigmatism
170 = one hundred seventy degrees is the orientation of the cylinder correction

O.S. = Left eye
-0.50 = half a diopter diopter sphere for myopia
-0.75 =three quarters of cylinder for astigmatism
180 = one hundred seventy degrees is the orientation of the cylinder correction

Most people with this type prescription only wear the glasses to see extra well at distance since it is not a strong prescription.


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  • Richard answered 4 years ago
    O.D. sph -0.75 cyl -0.50 axis 170. Here we are talking about your right eye, it comes from the latin Oculus dexter (eye on the right).
    sph=sphere, here is where it says whether they are prescribing for short or longsightedness. in your case it's for far sight
    cyl=cylinder is where they measure for astigmatism (this causes blurred vision)
    axis is a measurement for the cylidrical lens of the glasses you are being prescribed.

    O.S. is where they have looked at your left eye (oculus sinister in latin) all the words mean the same thing, obviously.
    I'm pretty sure that your eyes aren't too bad -0.75 ist to high a value.

    Hope this helps.
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  • harthlatif answered 4 years ago
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