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Any tips for using the Aesop Substitute System?

I'm a new teacher and just entering the world of substitute teaching. It's the second week of school and I have yet to find any assignments on Aesop, the online substitute placement system. Each day I keep waking up earlier and earlier to check for openings, and today my search started at 4:30am. I keep hitting "search for jobs" but the same message comes up for both school districts I'm enrolled in. At first I wasn't too worried because school was just starting, but I was hoping things would pick up by now. So with that said, any advice or tips for using Aesop? Am I doing this wrong? What are some of the best ways to get substitute jobs?

Thanks for any and all help. The idea of subbing scares me enough, but now I'm afraid I won't ever get a chance to sub!

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    The amount of jobs available will depend on the size of the district and the amount of subs. I'm a substitute for a semi-large district just outside of Houston, TX and this is my second year. Don't worry about not finding jobs right now. The jobs should start picking up soon because teachers get sick, need a break, and have meetings so they will need more substitutes. From my experience, during the day if I continue searching, I can find jobs that are for days in the future (not within the next day or two). It takes time and patience, but you can find them. Those are also better jobs to take because the teacher is better prepared for having a sub in the class. Sometimes last minute jobs can be chaotic with no lesson plans left for you!

    If you don't have a job for the next day, they will start becoming available around 9 or 10pm (I guess they decide they are too sick to function the next day) or get up around 5am the next morning (teachers wake up sick). Anyway, your districts may be a little different, but that's what I've found are the best times. Hope that helps. Good luck subbing. It's a great job, but can be tough sometimes! But I still love it!

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    I have been subbing for 3 weeks now, I used to sub 8 years ago when a person would call you at 6:30 in the morning and you would take an offer of 2 or 3 jobs and that was it. The good sice of Aesop is when you live in a large school district you see lots of choices and have more choice and don't have to take grades you don't like and schools you don't like.

    The down side of Aesop is that with a big district, there are too many hands in the system and people play favorites and they can block you if someone is friends with someone and play politics.

    What happened to me the other day is that I took a 6 day assignment for an art teacher who personally contacted me. She doesnt know me, I just gave her my phone number from a 1 day assignment, and she personally contacted me because she liked that I did a good job, so she was about to have a minor surgery and wanted to assign me. I happened to get sick on the 2nd day of the assignment, which happened to be at a different school, school B I will call it, so it was just the one day I could cancel and keep that one day open, since it was logged into Aesop as a 1 day assignment in Aesop as such, so I canceled it at 7 am so another sub to take it. So after laying around being sick all day, I go back on the computer at almost 4 pm and suddenly see that a few minutes earlier someone had deleted the entire next week's assignment at her school A she normally does her Art teaching on Aesop! Someone at the other school probably blocked me out because I called school A's office who already knows who I am there from previously working there before. Pissed me off! I had thought I was doing the right thing be canceling at 7:00 am so they could get someone in time that one day. since school starts at 9:00 am. The art teacher normally works only 1 day a week at that school B. I also contacted the Asst Principal at school A and she doesn't know how that happened, so someone screwed me over. That is total BS.

    So I was screwed out of a good sub job I could have had for the entire week up until Spring break week and I am sure that the Art Teacher will not be happy either. Luckily, I have the Art Teacher's phone number and I will call her after Spring break after she recovers from her surgery and tell her what happened.

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    Aesop Subbing

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    I used the Aesop system as a sub. I now use it to find subs for myself. You are doing a good thing by going on online and trying to accept the jobs before they call and offer them to others. Many times I was not getting calls. I would go online and see jobs that are available. Many districts do not have much need for subs. In my district there are so many people that can not find jobs, so they have to sub. I could not find much sub work, so I decided to take a para educator position. I get paid more then I would as a sub, I have full time work, and full benefits.

    I hope it starts to pick up for you..

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    Andrea, according to the Aesop video it said they do call qualifying subs when an opening come available. Do I still need to get on the computer at 5:30am??

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    Good question, I was wondering the same thing myself

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