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Where is the country named Mexico county?

Where is Mexico?

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    Mexico is a country south of the U.S. Just look for a map.

    Mexico is also a state inside the country of Mexico that is surrounding the capital.

    Mexico is also a city, the capital wich is called Mexico Distrito Federal.

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    Mexico is the country and Mexico is a state in Mexico. With a population of 14,007,495 The capitol is Toluca, some of the major cities are Texcoco, Tepotzotlán, and Valle de Bravo. It is located just to the northwest of the capitol of Mexico, Mexico City DF.

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    Mexico is south of the US and north of Beliz and Gutamala it boarders the US states of Texas, arizona,New Mexico and California.

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    Mexico is just south of the United States, it's part of North America.

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    Why are wasted questions like this permitted? If the guy has the internet and he can figure out how to get to Yahoo Answers, what's so difficult about finding a map on the internet?? Why do we let these trolls on here?

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    Why answer someone's homework question. get a map and look it up yourself!!!

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