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Matt Ryan vs Alex Smith?

Who would win in a trade

Matt Ryan for Alex Smith and TJ Houshmanzadeh

I need a better QB than Alex Smith..

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    Wait!!! A couple things to remember before trading Alex Smith. He finally has a stable coach that has been there for more than two years and he knows he is the starting QB for sure so that helps his confidence a lot. He has Vernon Davis and Crabtree! Vernon Davis is a top 3 TE. He had 965 yards and 13 td's last year so expect him to have at least a 1,000 yard season with at least 14 td's. Michael Crabtree is a top 10 receiver. We just didn't get to see a lot of him because he missed 5 games last year and he last a lot of talent. He knows this year he is the #1 WR so hes definitely going to have a 1,200 yard 12+ touchdown season. Alex Smith is going to be throwing the ball 30+ times a game this year. A couple TV and radio shows have Alex Smith as someone to watch because he has all the weapons around him and hes ready to lead the team. The have a much better offensive line this year. They also play in a weak NFC west, I have them wining 10 games this year. I'd keep Smith.

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  • 10 years ago

    I would go for it. Matt Ryan would be an upgrade over Alex Smith, not to mention the fact that Housh is likely to be the odd man out in Baltimore for a while considering that Mason and Boldin already have the playbook well established and Housh will spend a few weeks just trying to learn the system.

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  • Pronk
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    10 years ago

    That's a great trade for you..

    Housh is no longer a deep threat,he's only had 1 catch the past 3 years of 50 yards,or more; And,he

    was ran down from behind,and crushed by a D-back on that catch..Seattle regretted giving him such a large contract,and finally just gave up on him,if he can help land Matt Ryan,then go for it!

    Then maybe you should pick up Jacoby Jones,or either Mike Williams WRs..I also like J.Gafney,and N.Burelson,if available.


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